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Originally Posted by nochaser View Post

Interesting I'll check it out. Cosmoliu--sorry i got tied up yesterday with swapping out demo skis and rescue missions for my wife who got stuck on tough runs.

No problem. Pretty good weekend, wasn't it? Could have done without the wind, particularly today. But all in all, not bad for mid April.

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TR and pics for April 9-12: http://www.firsttracksonline.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10938

But all in all, not bad for mid April


True, but far below Mammoth's usual April standards. On average 40% of the mountain still has winter snow/packed powder in mid-April. And it's very rare to have the thin isothermic snow that's around Canyon Lodge or that weird discolored snow up on Dave's Run.  My best day Friday and presumably your weekend was like an early May weekend in a normal year, or Memorial weekend in a big year like 2011.


Chair 2 is my usual parking spot for the easy access and central location from a ski perspective.  You really want to avoid ending your day at Canyon with current conditions.

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Thanks for the info, early last month we went out of Canyon every day.

3 days left...

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Well, that TR got me even more excited for this weekend! I skied the last two Aprils at Mammoth, and they were markedly "better" than two weeks ago. We'll see how this weekend is (really, how bad can it be??!)


Do they change the lift operating hours in May, or?? I'd love to get out there at 7:30 if they do. And will definitely be avoiding Canyon this time around. It was bad enough 2 weeks ago.

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Eagle lodge wasn't bad at all if it wasn't for the orange clay colored run leading up to the lodge and the exposed floor with no snow at the bottom of the lift.
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Eek! I'll stay away from that stuff, thank you very much! Did you do any of the runs off of 25? Those can be a ton of fun and great on spring mornings!

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Yes, I specifically recall chair 25! Lots of warm choppy slush in the afternoon. Well, it was fun for what it was... more enjoyable with Kastle FX94s than my GS or SL skis. I'm gonna be using the Kastles a lot for the remainder of this season, especially after snow gets soft/slushy.
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well Mammoth is reporting 2-4 from last night, and prolly some more today...

and considering that their reporting (on depth) tends to the low side, I expect they'll have some nice stuff for a number of days.

I think it will hold up, so I'm plannin to get back up on the 26-28, as long as there's no rain in the forecast.

I personally prefer my skiin on the cold side and late spring weather and conditions are not something I go out of my way for. I'm expecting the upper mtn to hold up nicely thru end Apr...

but, we'll see...

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Do they change the lift operating hours in May, or??

Yes, with some flexibility.  Closing hour is typically 3PM in May and 2PM if they go later.  Backing up the opening hour is routine in June but can happen earlier if conditions warrant.  The backing iup of both closing and opening hours is somewhat more likely to happen earlier than normal this season.  I also think Memorial Day will be the end.  The top could go somewhat longer but since 2008 or so the "Broadway Rule" has been in effect. That means Mammoth will close if they can't keep a run or two open down to Main Lodge. They will take extreme measures to move snow down there for Memorial weekend, but after that it needs to be a natural snowpack.

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I was hoping they would have the earlier lift ops this weekend. Maybe I'll luck out...

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Early opening would be so sweet. 7 am opening and 5 hrs of skiing by noon would be a dream come true for me...oh yeah...

I'll be back to M for more this weekend...oh yeah..
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Forecast is for warmer but NO WIND through the weekend icon14.gif  Can't wait to hit the road!

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+ 5" of new snow. Suhweeeet!!!
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They posted on FB 6-10". Sure would like to leave a day early!

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My reference is from the mammoth app. I think someone said in this thread that their snow report is conservative...
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You're heading up tomorrow?

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Originally Posted by contesstant View Post

You're heading up tomorrow?

17 hours for me. :)  But who's counting?


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My ETD is 0300 PDT on this Sat.

Remember to drive safely and always put safety first when skiing!

Also, love and forgive the snowboarders!!!
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Say hi if you guys see me on my Black Pearls (purple bull) with a maroon Outdoor Research jacket. I have various pants, depends on the temps there! White helmet, Zeal goggles.

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Damn, I'm jealous. My trip this weekend just got cancelled :-(


Weather and snow both look good too. Have fun up there :o)

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i'LL be up there with contesstant. Wardrobe & skis tbd.

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I'm here, looks good. Footloose guy said he skied fresh all day yesterday. No four letter W word has been uttered in polite company. 8:30 hours and all will be well.

Brown pants, blue shirt and giant turbo fan goggles for me + watea 84's. and dos mas chanchos on the runs. See you on the snow!
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It's 4:30 am and I am ready to roll!

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Sticky was the word today. I really couldn't find a sweet spot area that didn't have one form of stick or another. Went into Footloose and got some hard wax to rub on for tomorrow. Hope it helps!

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That's not good. How were the runs for your first 2-3 hours in the morning?
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When it gets sticky you need to ski the steeper runs up top and try to carve your turns by staying on egde more, and avoid a flat ski as much as possible. Do laps on chair 23 or the gondola from McCoy Station. Yesterday Scottys was really good. As soon as the snow softens up mid morning head to the top.

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I didn't arrive until 10 and got on the hill about 10:45. Tomorrow I will be out right at 8. PUD, I am still working on skiing Cornice with great confidence and wasn't in the mood to do it alone today. I was rather impressed that I skied as well as I did on 5 hours of sleep and a 5 hour drive!  I did the face of 3 and hit Solitude off of 5. The face of 3 was OK, but has some pretty sheered off spots, 5 was good until I got down lower. I found the conditions changed every 50 feet, it seemed. I will say that Stump was pure corn up top at 10:45, but the back of 3, which is usually money, was **meh**. It went from slush on top to ice around the bend to what I can only describe as perfect snowball snow that had no smoothness whatsoever. (I call it knee injury snow.) Will probably hit 12 and 14 tomorrow as things soften up. 


As the guy at Footloose described it, it's like hitting patches of astroturf on the sticky spots I'll try the rub on wax tomorrow. It'll be in my pocket if I need to reapply. If any of you see me, hit me up for some wax! wink.gif


That being said, the weather is fantastic!

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Just finished waxing for this weekend. I'm running out of wax myself. I need to pick up some yellow on my way up.

i'm little bummed out about a defect on my wife's new ski bindings that arrived today. I planned this week's trip around it...oh well. On the bright side, I caught it beforehand.

12/14 are nice fun runs. Funny, cornice was one of the very first runs I hit at Mammoth, and I was a little nervous as i was getting used to my new WC SLs at the same time. i kept falling in the back seat on a couple of runs and never remembered to go back. I'll go back and really test it out again tomorrow afternoon.
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The folks I skied with yesterday afternoon said the runs off 12 were downright dangerous they were so sticky. I'd hit it early. I wish the lifts were rolling early this weekend. I'd be out there at 7:30 on the dot.


I will say that my room at the Alpenhof is nice. The guy working the mid-shift last night at the front desk even filled me a carafe with coffee to have for this morning since I'm up early and their kitchen doesn't open until 7, and Starbucks across the street doesn't open until 6:30. Two thumbs up to him for going above and beyond.


Will report back with today's conditions later!

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Finally on my way to Mammoth...a lot later than i wanted/planned but better later than never.

I'll set my expectation for this afternoon accordingly--wet, slushy, and dangwyous
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