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Latest count is 28-40". I am so sad we can't get up there one more time!

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This storm should make May less marginal, and maybe give chair 2 another week of life.

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Any updates on current conditions?   I'm thinking of trying to head up there again sometime in May before they close on or about Memorial Day.  Are there a reasonable selection of trails that can be skied without worrying about rock damage?

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I was just there this weekend and conditions were really great. Upper mountain was on wind hold till mid day. But when it opened there was literally 3-4" of untouched wind blown coming off of climax...it was a sweet feeling for may felt like it was a pow day. It started snowing when I was driving home Saturday after noon too.
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this is off of climax Friday.
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Snow coverage is good, icy cornish in the early am then smooth till 11ish... after that soft wet. Overall it's great skiing for May
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I wonder how Mammoth will be for skiing this weekend. Haven't been there for almost a month...Has anyone skied there this past weekend--how is the snow holding up?
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There are periodic updates on Mammoth Forum.  A week ago it looked quite good.  Then 3 hot days took out a lot of lower mountain snow and Chair 2 closed after last Friday.  I like to see Chair 2 open in late season because:

1)  It's more convenient for parking

2) The chair 5 terrain is skiable with an exit down the Comeback Trail to Chair 2.


It is supposed to snow a few inches during the middle of the week, then warm up again for the weekend.  


I've been up there a day or two of the Memorial weekends of the past 2 lean seasons of 2007 and 2012.   Only a couple of strips are maintained to Main Lodge and they deteriorate fast with skier traffic.  If the weather is good, the open terrain on chair 3 and the top are still worthwhile.  In the lean seasons the Tioga Road is open already (it opened May 2 this year), so typically in that scenario I'm only skiing one day and hiking in Tuolumne Meadows or something else the rest of the time. 


So I'd recommend Mammoth for a "mixed activity trip," but it's not like a lot of years where you'll want to ski every day for the whole holiday IMHO.

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I skied Mammoth yesterday. The snow held up surprisingly well.

Here is a view looking up past the Main Lodge at Wipe Outs, Scotty's, and Paranoids.


While there are some obvious thin spots, the coverage is still pretty good for a below average winter.

The skiing felt good enough for me to plan to return for a day next weekend.

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That pic looks like at least as good coverage up top as closing weekends of 2007 and 2012.  Snowfall was lower this season but spring has been cooler so it's not melting out quite as fast.

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It snowed a bit today...
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2015 opening day in 12 days... I hear there is a forecast for snow this weekend, but is Mommoth ready, even partially? It doesn't look like it is, based on the views from the live webcams...just curious.
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Mammoth is not ready as there has been no snowmaking up to now. They say they will start today.

Let's hope this storm drops even more snow than predicted, and that temperatures remain cold enough for snowmaking.
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8-12" and still snowing!!!!

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Don't get too excited. Its going to "heat" up again by mid week. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come though ☺
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Here's a screen shot from the McCoy cam this morning.

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Mammoth is at the center of this storm track, rates to have 18+ up high by end of the storm.  There will be a snowmaking window behind the storm, but with scheduled opening date of 11/13 and the predicted warmup I see little chance of that opening date being advanced. 


Tahoe snowfall was less than a foot.  I don't think much of that snow will stick around.  The upper snow at Mammoth should stick unless we have a very long dry spell.

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How is Mammoth now? I'm thinking about visiting during thxgiving.
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Originally Posted by nochaser View Post

How is Mammoth now? I'm thinking about visiting during thxgiving.


Very busy on thxgiving. Lift line waits and crowded places in town in the evening.

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Originally Posted by nochaser View Post

How is Mammoth now? I'm thinking about visiting during thxgiving.

Thanksgiving should always be avoided unless there is a lot of snow and most of the mountain is open.  It's one thing to be limited to ski the WROD.  It's another to ski the WROD while enduring holiday prices and crowds with deteriorating snow conditions from the traffic.    If you're chomping at the bit to ski and don't mind lapping the same one or two runs all day, get up there BEFORE  the holiday crowds chew it up. The same advice applies to restricted Christmases like 2011-12 and 2013-14.

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Any current impressions? Next week's storm is shaping up to be pretty good and I'm planning to drive up Friday...

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I looked at the camera shots last night. Looking forward to the next storm

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Originally Posted by cosmoliu View Post

Any current impressions? Next week's storm is shaping up to be pretty good and I'm planning to drive up Friday...


How was it???? wait, no don't tell me... jk tell me!!!!!

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I'll comment.

I was there today. Very crowded early on. Anything left of chair 5 is closed including 5(maybe open on Sunday).

Chair 3 opened about 9:30 and Chair 23 and top of Gondola about 10:00??

Overall snow was good but a few obstacles on some runs still. Cornice was ungroomed with about 1-2' of nice snow. I'm not good in deep snow so for me it was tiring to get down.

It was weird though. After 12:30-1:00 the crowds seemed to disappear and only 2 minute wait to go up and no more wait or people going down Cornice or 23.

Hi was about 32 with clear skies by 10:30. Sunday it's suppose to be about 35
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Yesterday was very good. I arrived on the hill at about 10, but @liv2 ski skied from first bell and said the pow over at Chair 12 (12" overnight) was VERY nice. All tracked out by the time I got there. We had a great day together tracking down mostly soft crud, with the occasional untracked mostly at 12 and on the right of Stump (Roger's Ridge?) For this morning, we only got a dusting overnight, but upper gondola and 23 opened about mid morning. Wipeout 1 was very nice, with occasional rock scrapes but amazingly well covered for the quoted 20"base. Cornice was the call of the day with soft, well formed bumps. 3 was good, with the usual blown in powder. Dave's was, I heard, good, but the people I talked to said the run out was so rocky they had to walk over a long stretch of rocks, so I didn't go over there. I actually think Mammoth is in surprisingly good shape. Well worth the trip. Tomorrow will surely be more skied off, but I got two very nice early season days in already. Meeting up with liv2 ski again in the morning. He's way fun to Ski with.
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I get home from Micronesia Monday.  If the Tuesday/Wednesday storm pans out, I may go to Mammoth later in the week.

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I hope the T-W storm delivers. 1-2 more feet would really set things up nicely. The top, as I indicated above is skiing nicely, but the chair 5 area, for instance, still looks like a moonscape, as viewed riding up Chair 10.
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Sunday much better than Saturday for me. Less crowded and Cornice was groomed today ☺
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Told my buddy I'd buy the $599 season ticket if he did, the day they came out.  He waits, to the last day they are being offered, and buys one.  I got laid off a day before....


Enjoy this season, I hope to make it up there for a couple days but I doubt it...



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does anyone have a good site that writes up snow predictions for about 0-10 days out? Everything I am seeing is just the next 5 days. I wish OpenSnow had a Mammoth section inside their Tahoe reports! 

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