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Mammoth is going to be PACKED this weekend as most hotels seem sold out. When I skied there on 2/3-4, it was so crowded, and it reminded me of snow summit on a Saturday.

On an interesting note, 3rd party travel websites seem to have better rates for mammoth hotels than 20% lodging discounts that come with MVP Premium pass.
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I'm heading up there in two weeks. I believe there's another storm on its way. Time to use my Mtn Collective pass :o)


Also heading to Snow Summit tomorrow to do some practice runs. I know it's not the best but for only 30 bucks tomorrow...I'm going.

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I might hit Bear Mountain but it's going to be 50 degrees by 10AM then 60 by noon.  I'm thinking it's going to be a slush fest in short order... :mad

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Originally Posted by soporific View Post

I might hit Bear Mountain but it's going to be 50 degrees by 10AM then 60 by noon.  I'm thinking it's going to be a slush fest in short order... :mad

I concur. It's going to get ugly fast. I'm only going to stay from 8:30-12:30 before water skis are needed...

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How busy was it at Summit last week?  Bear had a ton of people at 8:00AM.  I'm assuming it was the big 1 inch of powder that fell but I don't know.

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I'll be up at Mammoth Sat-Sun 2/22-23 with some friends out of northern LA. PM me, anyone, if you'd like to make some turns with a group of 4-5 folks who like to rip the whole mountain biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by soporific View Post

How busy was it at Summit last week?  Bear had a ton of people at 8:00AM.  I'm assuming it was the big 1 inch of powder that fell but I don't know.

I made it to SS today. Overall, I give it a 7.5/10(based upon local conditions or lack of).


No crowds to speak of. Not bad coverage for a mtn that really hasn't had any snow in a long time. From 8:30-9:30(~36 deg.) it was a little icy but wasn't too bad. From 9:30-12:30 and skied chair 7(far left side) the rest of morning. Snow was really good here until about 11:00. Started getting slushed out by that time but I powered thru it until 12:30(~60 deg.). Biggest problem was the heat there :o(


I quit and got a 10 voucher to come back another day. Not bad for a 30 lift ticket and 10 refund if I don't lose it first.


I don't plan on Mammoth again until the Mar. 1 weekend.

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I can't believe you got a voucher.  I went to Bro Mountain (sorry, can't help it right now) today on the $30 ticket and just figured they weren't giving any of that back.  Ah well.  Got on my first double black after it softened up a little bit and took the 38 home which was a big mistake.  We took our time getting back to OC and the 215 was packed, then the 15 was shut by CHP, so we took the 31 all the way to the 91.


I think we left about the same time you did and it was really sloppy below chair 4 back to the lodge.


I did book Mammoth from the 9th for 4 days so I'm happy about that, but man today was long and hot.  Got a nice burn on my forehead to go with the story.


Thanks for the info on SS, I appreciate it!

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Originally Posted by cosmoliu View Post

I'll be up at Mammoth Sat-Sun 2/22-23 with some friends out of northern LA. PM me, anyone, if you'd like to make some turns with a group of 4-5 folks who like to rip the whole mountain biggrin.gif
Please report back when you do ski all over the mountain. When I was there two weeks ago, most of the officially "open" trails had "thin coverage" warning signs and were really not skiable in reality. Hopefully the last storm at least have filled voids and covered up rocks and bushes thick enough.
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^^^^Will do!
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I just skied Mammoth Thursday and Friday and the mountain is skiing great. The runs off the top had good coverage and everything was open. Drop Out, Daves, Scottys and the Paranoids were all great.

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Great news! Leave me some snow for next weekend, please ;)

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Skied Dropout today.  Snow's a bit crunchy, but coverage was quite good. I understand some of the chutes are benefitting from windblown snow; you just need to pick the right ones.

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Any idea if it will last a couple more weeks into the 9th of March? At least below Dropout? :)

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Mammoth was surprisingly good this past weekend, two weeks after the atmospheric river event and last weekend's President's Day crowds. Of course, the high traffic runs, including Face of 3, Face of 5, and Cornice Bowl were scraped down to hardpack by late morning, but the less traveled upper mountain runs have actually held on to some fairly nice snow. I particularly liked Avy Chute 1 and the run under Chair 22. Traversing over to Avy Chute 2 half way down Chute 1 was quite rewarding. Dave's was my favorite for the weekend, and we skied it probably 5 times between Sat and Sun. No cornice, for once. Climax was definitely worth it, though we did not enter from the deck directly: swinging wide from skier's left, then taking a few turns to continue skier's right until we found some nice soft, almost untracked stuff.


The entries to Dropout/Wipeout Chutes always scare me when conditions are sketchy, and this weekend was no exception. I bobbled near the top of Dropout and visions of "The Big Slide" flashed briefly before my eyes. Though the rest of the descent was uneventful, I didn't go back for seconds. I personally never got over to Scotty's or The 'Noids, but I heard they were pretty good.


The small bumps between the Chair 5 lift line and Dry Creek were quite good. Never got over as far as Dry Creek, though. The bumps in West Bowl were fairly rocky, but nothing that couldn't be avoided. West Bowl is almost always more trouble than it's worth, anyway.


The stretch between the Chair 22 get-on and Canyon Lodge got pretty slushy. Never got to the bottom of 15.


The Chair 9 side totally sucked.


So, with the storms that are lined up for later this week, I think that Mammoth should probably be in pretty decent shape for the upcoming Gathering. More than that and I think Mammoth will show itself quite well.

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Thanks. Chair 9 - bad as in not enough snow coverage, or else?
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Cruddy snow: we hit it late, and what looks to have been heavy slush earlier had frozen into death cookies. In my experience, the Chair 9 runs can either be very, very good (right after a dump), or very very bad (hammered by the sun), with not much in between. We bailed out and took Chair 25 up, so didn't go all the way down. From the way the snow was behaving, I suspect that further down the coverage would have been pretty marginal.

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I'll Echo Cosmoliu

Was up skiin Fri - 21 thru Sun 23
I was blown away with how great the conditions were. Never hit any significant hard snow. The upper mtn runs were all egg-see-lent. The only proviso was picking your way the first 20 feet into most upper runs with rocky starts, like the dropouts and wipeouts. But once in, it was glorious, soft pack, roller moguls and fast!
I did get a few rock hits, but avoided most of the serious plagioclase. One of our companions wasn't as lucky -he got a core shot you could have packed lunch into...
But overall - some of the best. most consistent skiin in warm, bluebird conditions.
My Favs - Climax was awesome! With great windpack over as far as just below Huevos drops.
Left off Scotties & the Paranoids - the Noids were mostly untouched cause dropping in was major rock avoidance, but great once in...
Dave's was about as cruisin as I could ever remember!
Avy chutes - you just didn't want to catch an edge...
I completely avoided 9 and the 'west' side (14?).
So some 'fresh' this coming weekend will do the whole mtn good.
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I'm extremely bummed that we won't be able to get back up there this season :( Life is getting in the way! The good news is we are taking a trip to Utah to do some home scouting and of course will ski up there (Ogden area) but I will miss Mammoth.

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^^^^^ Quite true. I do more total days in UT and CO these days (unavoidable commitments to friends and family wink.gif ) Returning to Mammoth is always like coming home.
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100% chance of snow Wed night as shown on the MM website. It made me stop and think for a sec...100%...
Anyhow, big snow dumps in the forecast by the end of the weekend, a few feet of fresh snow possibly. Very nice.

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I cant think of a time when mammoth said 50% chance of now and it did not snow. It is a snow magnet. If it says 100% then I would would bet all of my $10 of savings on it. Ill even bet half of my total savings that it snows more than 2 feet by sunday.

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The MMSA app notified me this morning they got 12 to 15 inches last night.  Seems like a pretty good start.

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Snow Report
Thursday, February 27
Base Depth: 45-75"
24 Hr. Snow: 12-16"
Lifts Open: 22
Trails Open: 112
Current Temp: 9:45AM 22°
Day Temp: 28°
Wind: Moderate
Dump Alert

Mammoth received 12-16" of new snow last night and a more powerful storm is set to bring Mammoth a direct hit of snow on Friday. We are talking about FEET of fresh snow by the weekend, so grab that powder gear and come make some turns. Don't want to miss first chair? Download the Mammoth App for up-to-the-minute lift status and snowfall information. Mammoth, Winter's perfect playground.

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And the heaviest yet to come later today and "touch-up" snow on Sat...skiing in mammoth this weekend will be epic!
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I'd sure love to be there on Monday. **sigh**

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Wouldn't we all?

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I'm leaving today(2/28) and HOPE to get there safe & sound. I'm skiing Sat.(maybe) thru Mon. I'm thinking it might be pretty windy still with the storm leaving so they might shut part of it down. Sun-Mon should be awesome :o)

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You suck.

That is all.





j/k of course! Be prepared once you get out of Bishop for snowy roads, and of course wind the whole way. Have fun and if you're really cool and want to have me tell you you suck some more, take some pics and rub it in!

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The snow today was amazing! Contestant, please don't hate me. However, it was much too snowy to take pictures.
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