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Rossignol S3 Sizing Help?

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Hi there,

I''m interested in getting Rossignol S3.  I am 180lb 6'1'' (but 6'2'' on a good day lol).

I wonder if I should go with 186 or 178?


I like going off-piste, often do glades, sometimes moguls.


Also, do you guys think overall S7's are better for glades out west (Alberta/BC)?

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With the 50% double rocker, the s3 skis short, so buy a size longer than your typical normal camber ski. And with a 98 waist they are very versatile but if you ski mostly in B.C. the s7 is a better option.


I've owned the a pair of s3 skis for 3 years, and they are incredibly easy and fun to ski, only regret I bought them too short, same size as previous skis.

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What is your weight/height and what length of S3s did you get?


Also, how do you know they are too short?  They don't hold an edge well on groomed terrain?


Thanks for your response!

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unless you are going to be in really tight trees, i.e. 2-3' spacing, bushwacking type tree skiing your best bet is the 186, they ski really short and are quite manuverable, just the overall physical length can get in the way in real tight spaces. I'm 6'  200lbs and have the 186 , they are great in powder, glades, tracked off powder. Not the best on hardpack , but on p.p. groomers they carve pretty good. Have enjoyed them in bumps again because they turn so easily.

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I'm almost the same size and was on my brother's 186 S3s recently. They seemed the correct length to me. Nothing about them seemed unmanageable at that length and I wouldn't have wanted shorter.  I skied bumps almost exclusively and the softness and rocker made them extremely maneuverable/controllable.


I can't comment on this personally because I haven't skied the S3 in the backcountry, but I know a number of people who do it. They're relatively light for their size and the shape and the softness makes them float pretty darn well. I've never talked to the S3 backcountry users about the S3 vs. S7 specfically, but I assume they prefer the S3 for it's versatility in mixed snow and lighter weight.

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