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Smith I/O Snow Glare question

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I have a pair of Smith I/O goggles which have served me very well, however today after a few hours of skiing today the glare from the snow became overpowering to the point where I decided to leave. It was almost impossible to see any contrast in the snow. This is the first time I've worn these goggles in spring so likely the stronger sun is the cause. I've skied plenty of sunny days in January with no problems.

Is this something that a polarized lens would solve or swapping to a darker colour? In my youth I suffered from snow blindness after not wearing adequate eye protection while snowmobiling and I definitely don't want to repeat that painful experience.

I've read conflicting reviews on going the polarized lens route.
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What style lens do you have in there now?

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They came with the RC36 lens so that's what I've been using.
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Are they a current model? Mine came with a pair of lens, one for flat conditions and one for sunny conditions. I think you should give some of their other lens types a try. 


Click the "Lens Selector" tab under the main picture of the goggles and slide the bar to "sunny"


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I bought them a few months a go so they're fairly current. They did come with another lens however it's lighter than what I'm using. I was thinking of trying either the red or green sol-x lens a try but wasn't sure if the polarized option would be more effective.
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Yep, get a Green or Red Sol-X, absolutely.  They'll work well in extremely bright/glare conditions.  The difference between the two is the lens color.  The Green Sol-X has a rose tint while the Red Sol-X has a green tint.  Seriously, it sounds backwards but it's true.  I didn't know that at the time and got the Red Sol-X (not what I wanted, will probably sell it) when I should have gotten the Green Sol-X because I prefer rose tint lenses.  It's dark though.  Only for bright Spring bluebird days.


Green Sol-X = rose tint lens

Red Sol-X = green tint lens

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Polarizing is mostly to reduce glare. In spring, the overall brighness is a problem also, and for that a dark, transmits less light, lens is key. I need one too, so I'm looking around. Pro-lens perhaps?  I think the chart said, in order of most dark to less dark, but all dark basically: Gold Mirror, Green Mirror, Red Mirror. all between 8% and 18% transmission.  for reference, your R36 is around 36%.

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I've been finding it cheaper to buy "full-up" goggles with the lenses I want versus buying individual lenses.


OK, I'm a gear whore, but these with Green Sol-X and Red Sensor for $87.72 just seems like a no-brainer since everyone seems to sell lenses at full price and prolens would want about $20 more than this just for the two lenses. I dealt with this outfit before, and their service was fine.




I'm still trying to figure out how effective my photochromatic lens is. Had it out all week at WB last week, and, well, I'm not sure.

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Thanks everyone for the replies. I was able to find a store who had 1 pair of the green sol-x left.
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Total side track:  I have a Red Sol-X if anyone wants to trade me for a Green Sol-X?  Mint condition, never used.

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