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2014 DPS Cassiar 85 - Page 2

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thanks for the question allan, we tested a bunch of different layups this spring, and ended up with no change to flex pattern, just a touch damper laminate.
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Bumping an old thread here, wondering if anyone has been on this ski since they (allegedly) made it into production with a bit more damping. Specifically wondering, too, about mogul behavior, given that very low-slung tip. (Iriponsnow was not wild about bump handling in his demo ... but he's also a smaller guy on the 178, so that could have been part of it too, I suppose.) What about the alternate hybrid layup? All the reviews I'm seeing seem to be from people who were out on the prototype Pure version. Demo locations? @msolson?

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I have not been on the final release version of the Pure3 Cassiar 85..but if it is a touch more damp than the worries...I would ski it without hesitation and it would be one of the first skis I would grab out the door for frontside cranking sessions.  Bump performance was not like a dedicated bump ski or bouncy SL ski, being more subdued, but completely controlled and fast, no balking or problems whatsoever.  Low tip has no problems that I found in the bumps, but I tend not do jam head-first into bumps anyway...other skiers may have more insights.


The new Hybrid T2 test ski is mounted up waxed and ready for testing as soon as they open some trails here in New England, as is the new Pure3 Cassiar 95...

Stay tuned for info!

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