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Booster straps

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After reading a lot of positive comments on here about Booster straps, I ordered a pair a few weeks ago and put them on my Dalbello Krypton Cross boots.  Last Sunday and Monday at the Gathering at Bridger Bowl was the first time I've used them.  I wish I had bought them earlier, like several years ago.  I never suffered from shin bang and my foot was pretty solidly in place in my boots but these things just made the connection from my foot to the ski even better.  I'd highly recommend these for anyone who is moving from intermediate to advanced, after getting properly fitted boots of course.

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Ditto.  I put Booster straps on my Dynafit Zzeus that I use for lift served skiing.  I really like the way they meld the inner boot with the back of the shell and allow modest tightening of the buckles vs. heavy tightening.  I liked them so much, I put them on my wife's Salomon Idol boots and I took the "power" straps off our backcountry TLT5 AT boots and my Zzero 4 AT boots and we carry Booster straps in our backpacks for the way up/traverses/mild downs; when we need a little extra support for downhill, we pull out the Booster straps (and the tongues for the TLT5s).

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I put them on mine and my daughter's boots about three or four years ago.  Neither of us would think of skiing without them.  I even took a dremel to my brand new $700 boots eek.gif so the strap would sit under the shell nicely.  Highly recommend it if it sits funny or rides up.  When I was in Kryptons, I shaved the buckle strap for the same reason.

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I'm really considering getting myself a pair. My feet fit in my boots like a dream but there is a little space in the shin area so after a weekend of skiing I usually have pretty bad shin bang which sometimes carries over into the next weekend. Annoying!

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I have been using them for at least 15 years!


Over tongue and under shell cuff!

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I used them on my old Full Tilts and moved them to my new Fischer's last January. I agree that they help the boot flex more smoothly.
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I thought they were great with my Rossi stock liners. When I got Intuition Powerwraps this season it  seems like the straps are hardly necessary--the double thickness in front of the shin is stiff enough that when I crank down the booster straps I notice minimal difference.

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