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Help about the Volkl T50 4 Star

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I am really struggling with the decision on new skis. I haven't been able to find any reviews or really good info on teh 4 Star. I have seen raves about the 5 Star, but almost nill on the 4 Star. Does anyone have the 4 Star, or have you demo'd it. I want a second pair of skis to complement my Volkl P40 F-1 Enrgy Rails. I have my go fast mid-wide carve ski covered, now I want something more all mountain. I like my Volkls and ski mostly in Vermont.

I am and advanced skiier 38 yrs old 6' and 185 lbs. I can get a great deal on both the Vertigo Motions and the Volkl Supersport 4 Stars. If I could get a deal on the 5 Stars, I would give them a serious consideration, but they are hard to come by. So I am hoping that the 4 Star is a great ski as well that just isn't getting due respect due to the marketing as an Intermediate to Advanced ski.

I am really looking for some first hand experience on the 4 Star. I can't find a whole lot of first hand knowledge about it on this forum so far.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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I skied on the 4 star from November until last week.

I got the 168s without the motion system.

I had the Marker Comp 1400 Piston binding mounted on them.

From what I hear the motion system is crap on the T 50s and that is coming from Volkl reps and a ski tech I use who worked for Volkl in NH.

I haven't skied on the 5 star but I have heard it has more pop and to also get it without the motion system.

I bent a tail last month and my wife bent her Carver Motion 20/20s twice so we decided to turn in the Volkls and go with Atomic 10 and 11.20s.

Overall the ski is sweet but it does have an upper speed limit and gets bounced around in crappy conditions even though they label it as an all mountain ski.

I'm not an expert but I skied them pretty hard and they took it until I bent the tail from a wipeout. I didn't want to risk breaking them again when they were out of warranty.

I know Volkl has an on snow guarantee. I beleive you must have purchased the skis from an authorized dealer, they have to be a model in the program (T50s are included), and you have to have skied on them at least three times. I know because I just returned my skis last week to them.

Be careful though if they have a non motion binding as they were purchased seperately and you won't get reimbursed for them.

Speaking of which, I have some bindings I need to sell.


So try the 4 stars and if you don't like them, do the guarantee and get the Vertigos.
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