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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post


I seriously considered not posting the notification.  But I thought that some here might find it useful. We are a passionate group of skiers and unfortunately, sometimes these things happen.

David loosing a ski is new information to me and in one of his other posts, he asked about moving his bindings on a pair of Volkl P-60's. 

I know the area where he crashed very well.  It's a very easy blue, normally very well groomed and he didn't make it very far from the lift.


My take away from this tragedy.  Hold your loved ones close everyday and try to live life to the fullest.


RIP David!


He was asking about where to mount an unused pair with no center lines on them..  Very sobering story for someone like myself that mounts most of their own bindings..


Volkl p60 GS Race Stock 180cm 04-05 - need boot center mark from tail


Is there some kind of special badge of honor image that EpicSki staff could add to user profiles for members that are known to have passed away?  It would be a nice gesture

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My condolences to friends and family.

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Sad news. My condolences to his family and friends.

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Wow.  Always hard to lose one of our own.  Prayers and vibes for him and his family.  Ugh. 

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Very sad.  Condolences to his family and friends.

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so sad to see this happened

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R-I-P..  condolences to the family.



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I am very said to hear that. My thoughts are with family and friends. 

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My condolences to his family.  frown.gif


As a skier that tends to ski the edges of the trails (that's where the soft snow is...), reading this thread has been a sobering reminder of the consequences of a mistake so close to the trees.

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HI everyone, maybe I should say extended family. My Name is Ed Fowler team captain racer friend. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts.


David was very accomplished. One story "his family just purchased an Apple II computer. They went out and when the family came back, David had the Apple II totally apart. "


I put together some of david's photos and family pics in a vid. worth watching the views are impressive.

http://youtu.be/36HPzhbe7HM   Chrome - is best HD


What are the thoughts the first time you figured out MPH on a race course?

Mine were Holy Cow had no idea I was doing 45+.  ASTM Tables - anything above 25. Not to good.


We have looked at the physics of the accident. 5 to 6 ski lengths from tree. (25 to 30 ft).

Depending on your speed, where in a turn, G force, Loading , angles etc.

We all try are best to be as safe as possible with helmets, padding, and training.


Question: would you be willing to jump from a third floor window (equivalent to slalom speeds) onto a mattress on the sidewalk? If not, then I assume that you'd also be unwilling to ski into a mattress erected on a vertical obstacle on the ski course.

(this comes from a nice article by Victor Raguso Skiing Forces, Risk,and Risk Reduction) http://www.skidome.org/content/ALPINE_RACE_EDU_BOOK2_Chap8_Risk_reduction.pdf    It has all the physics and math.


We as a team believe in educated risk.  We will not change the way we ski.


The race course is set with safety in mind. You as a participant can object, speak up, if you see something not just right.


David's family have set up a charity link for SKI 4 Life at Roundtop Mtn Resort PA

The proceeds benefit leukemia and Lymphoma.



To you and your loved ones

Be Well,


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To clarify skiracerxray's post--if your torso or head strikes a solid object head on at 20 MPH you will die. 20 MPH. A world class sprinter can run faster than that. Obviously a glancing blow, a blow partially absorbed by your arms or legs or breaking branches, and other factors will allow you to survive a collision at that speed.  

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