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Custom superfeet hurt like hell

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Sorry for another post,

a while earlier I asked about my mid foot pain with my Aline Footbed, so I went and get a custom Kork Vac made in a local shop, it felt good on the left, with good heel socket. Right foot felt some pressure under the outside foot, the fitter grind some of it away to make it better. 


I went skiing on Saturday and yesterday night with my new custom footbed, and I found even though the mid foot pain is gone on my right foot, it was replaced by pain surround on my heel, especially when I tighten my boots a notch for the black runs... at the end of the black run, the pain was unbearable that I had to remove my boots.


I am going back to the fitter this week to fix the footbed, but since the season is over, I can't really test it out, is there anything I should pay attention to in my footbed after they fixed it? 

One more thing, during the runs, I felt like I was more backseat than before and has less flexing power somehow, any anyone comment on that? 

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Can you find out what degree of mobility your foot has? Measured medically on a scale 1-9. 

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In the boots, 3-4? My mid foot could move a bit, tones are fine , heel don't lift as my liner are kinda new
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No I mean natural mobility of your foot, forgetting ski boots for the moment.

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What is a 9? The best I can describe is when sit down (knee 90') I can raise my forefoot with heel down, high enough to put my other forefoot under it, i definitely have no problem with flexibility, as I used to do a lot of martial art...
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There are many things footbeds can do but in my opinion most made in a shop would not so dramatically affect flexing power as you describe or put you in the backseat.  I'll guess that positional and flexing changes you describe are either response to pain or to major change in boot fit possibly caused by the footbeds not being properly adjusted to the shell.



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thx all, Hypermobility sound pretty cool lol, 

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