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Spring training -- time to get on the bike?

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OK, so my fitness has lagged as my commitment to exercise has flagged.  I'm up 6 pounds in a month.  Too much travel and too little motivation.  The weather has been crap for biking on the weekends, so my plan to start at least one long ride a weekend was not executed even once in March.  Of course, the skiing was pretty good!


So, now time is getting short for training.  I've signed up to do the Colorado Death Ride Tour June 8-10.  It's only 3 days, but the longest is 110 miles.  I've got to get on the bike.  And go to the gym.  No excuses now.


I feel better.  Now we'll see if I actually follow through!


How 'bout you folk?  Anyone else getting started, or already started, Spring Training?



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Day one (well, I can't count skiing at Beaver Creek on Monday as training) down.  Double workout, 1 hour of strength training, 1:15/22.5 miles on the bike.  Not a bad day for my ride, temp in the mid 40's and a light overcast.  Most importantly, little wind!



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Here you go inspiring us again! Thanks!

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I am way ahead of the curve here. I put almost 5000 km on my bike (indoors all of it) doing 14-16 hours per week through Dec-Jan-Feb. So I am down to 145 lbs and ready for race season. smile.gif


But my skiing paid the price. I only skied 10 days this winter, the lowest number in over 20 years.

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Wow, Tom, that's pretty incredible dedication to do that amount of training indoors.  I'd go stir crazy!  Best of luck on race season.


I plan to be out for a noon ride today.  It's supposed to be mid-50's.



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Mid-60s by the end of the week.

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So no takers on Spring Training?


Unfortunately, I think I've hung my skis up for the season.  I got a lovely 53 mile bike ride in on Saturday coupled with a strength workout.  Yesterday, a short recovery ride (boy, am I out of shape!).  Today, another strength workout.  I'm looking forward to rest day on Thursday!



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Depends on what you consider spring:  this morning it was about 20 (deg. F, not deg.C), will be about the same tomorrow.  Rode 25-ish miles Sunday, rode to work this morning (and heading back home in a few minutes), rinse and repeat tomorrow and thereafter.   Strength training definitely needed, but gets fit in when and where I can.


Skis are all but stowed for the season (sniff).

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Mike, it's Colorado so you can do just about anything on any given day. We should be done with the rain and snow tomorrow and 70 degrees on Friday!

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Throughout the year during weekdays, I usually run twice a week (4-6miles/treadmill indoors) and strength train once or twice a week.  This year, work and home stuff has been busier than ever, so that routine got interrupted for months at a time.  Weekends are more varied: tennis, flyfishing, hiking, backpacking for the past decade or two.  (Yes, flyfishing is exercise the way I do it ;-)  Added road biking last fall and skiing this winter.  I do consider skiing exercise, because my quads are burning more so than any of my other activities after just two longer runs on my home mountain.  Yeah, I know I'm in the backseat and am trying to correct.  Got one more ski trip (maybe stretch another) before I take up the bike again.  (It appears that I like spring skiing ;-)

Spring training is year long for me, but I'm not in it for group events.... just maintaining or more conditioning as the need/whim may be...

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Didn't bring a car out to CO this year (I get tired of the cross country drive) so I've been bike commuting around Avon all winter. Not a long ride, but a total of about 40 minutes a day with about a mile uphill at the end of the day. 100 days of skiing + 100 days of winter riding.  I can't wait to fly home on Tuesday and hop on my road bike and see if this will make a difference to my spring training.

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I ride everyday, year round. Just waiting for sunrise today, 33f & light rain.
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Hey Guys-

I'm curious to know if anyone here uses a professionally created program designed specifically for skiing. From my brief perusing of posts it looks like most people use biking and running as their primary forms of off-season conditioning. While these are definitely great for endurance, I'm not sure they fit the bill for explosiveness and eccentric strength. Anyone using a professional dryland program with weight training and plyos included?

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Brought the 4 bikes up from the barn today, changed the ski tuning shop over to bike tuning.  Checked the shifters, brakes, oiled the chains, dusted off the bikes and filled the tires.


Haven't ridden yet though. :)

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I started riding this week. Only shortish rides partly because some of my favourite roads are still slippery with some ice patches. I found this out the hard way by throwing my TT bike down the road. Fortunately I didn't hurt myself much or damage the bike. It seems that falling skiing hurts more than falling biking :-)

Robert: cycling is my base training during off season but I have a program of other exercises specifically aimed at skiing. I don't feel the need to have that designed by a professional. Ski coaching qualifications in my country include quite a lot of material on strength/fitness training, so I have reasonable knowledge myself. I make extensive use of kettlebells (up to 24kg) in my programme, but also a balance board, a trampoline and a yoga ball. I also do some running over uneven ground.
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Trying to get SWMBO up to speed on her new bike and past the ouchiest case of Easter knees - have her focusing on spin cadence and smoothness.   To keep her company I rode 6 miles left leg only, 8 miles right leg only and 12miles of matching my average speed in the lowest possible gear.

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Finished the ski season this weekend.  Now ready to ride seriously.  Training for the Elephant Rock 100 mile ride in June.  Lots of work to do but starting the season 20lbs less than at the start of last season. Hopefully that will make the hills a little easier.  Of course they are predicting snow in Denver for the next few days! So more time on the trainer.

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Already have about 6" at my house. Enough already!

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