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Skiinh Utah - end of Dec.

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I know this topic has been discussed some before but maybe you can indulge me a few more answers.


I'm planning a trip next Dec. during the holiday periods. I realize it's probably crowded but this is when I want to go. I think I want to stay in Sandy or Midvale. I'm planning on taking the bus if need be(too much snow on ground to drive, etc.)


My question(s) is this.

Is there any hotels/lodgings in these cities that one either has direct access to the bus going up the hill by stepping out of the hotel instead of driving to bus station?? or maybe a direct shuttle straight from the hotel up to Alta/Snowbird??





I realize I have a lot time but I want to start my lodging research asap...

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SORRY for my bad grammar on the forum title. I didn't notice my error until after posting and there was no "spell check" for the title :o(

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