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In case this helps anybody. I demoed 3 skis recently

1. Blizzard 8.0 Magnum Ca (172)

2. Head Rev 80 (170)

3. Nordica FireArrow 80 Ti (172)


About me:

51 years old 150lbs probably a level 7 skier. I prefer steep groomed on-piste runs if I can.



Spring conditions. Firm snow in morning but soft and slushy by noon


1. Blizzard: 2 runs in morning. I knew I like them right away. skis seemed to just cruise and carve right away.


2. Head: 1 run in morning after switching from Blizzard. I knew I almost hated(OK, strongly disliked) these right away. For my style(probably not the best), these skis just seemed to skid and not carve as compared to the Blizzard. I immediately switched to Nordica.


3. Nordica: Not bad. They felt good but not great. I gave them about an hour after the Heads. Nothing really too bad but just not as good as the Blizzard. Just to make sure, I switched to Blizzard again and WOW, I really do like these skis!!


Overall rating

1. Blizzard 8.0 Magnum Ca (172) = 9.5/10

2. Head Rev 80 (170) = 7/10

3. Nordica FireArrow 80 Ti (172) = 8.5/10