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Books about cheap skiing?

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Hi there! 


I'm new to skiing and I have to say that I fell in love with the sport. I am a Canadian living in Switzerland and I have to say that the resorts are awesome, but truly expensive. Especially as a student! I was wondering if you knew of any books or guides about cheaper skiing? I have been searching, but have not been able to find.


Thank you all!

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Welcome to Epicski. One of the best guides to European skiing is: It is also published as a hardcopy book/guide. Contains reviews and lots of advice including budget recommendations. Maybe available at public or school libraries. Not a book, but I've attached a few links from a quick Google search. Isn't Switzerland considered overall to be the most expensive ski destination in Europe? If you can make day trips to ski from your home location that would seem to be your best option. For longer/overnight trips maybe consider France, Italy, Austria, Eastern Europe, or non-traditional destinations. Common themes among links below: visit less renowned resorts, go at less popular times, stay low or non-slopeside, scout for deals in advance of trip, self cater/bring your own food/drink. General advice: Here's a link on Eastern Europe destinations for cheap skiing: More non-traditional Europe budget ski destinations: Good article on visiting satellite areas with good skiing that are less expensive then famous neighbors, as you know the Alps are loaded with fun ski areas around every corner, you don't need to go to the pricey big names: Article on using Brides-les-Bains, for entrée to Meribel/3 Vallees: More on BLB and similar: Here's a link to article on Innsbruck for cheap skiing: Maybe some actual Euros will also respond to your question.
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