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Blue Knob this Friday 3/29

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Open for the first time after the recent snow, 3 day old untracked (by lift served skiers). Lift tickets $16  online through their cloud store.  half price at the window. Lifts start at 10 am.

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I won't be there Friday. Ill be there Saturday. Please post about conditions. I plan to ski everything, but don't want to destroy my skis (a few nicks/dings are not a big deal). I have rock skis but I'm not real excited about mounting them just for one day. The website says 16 inches as of yesterday morning and it has not really stopped snowing yet. That snow going untouched a few days with no traffic should cover things up pretty good.

I hope it stays cold up there through Saturday!
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I will be at Blue Knob on Saturday!!! Can't believe it is all open.  Anyone else coming?

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Just got back this evening, sorry no time to post photos, packing for Stowe. Everything was open and I skied it all. Many first tracks in very heavy snow. The chopped up crud was even more demanding but everything was getting pretty packed out and the groomers will take care of it by morning. There was still a few untracked lines in the glades when I left but pretty tracked. East Wall, Ditch, Skyline, Triple, Forever, Laurel all had good cover. Bagged third tracks on Lower Shortway but cratered on the last steeper pitch right above Shortcut. Extrovert was fairly chopped up but I managed to find some smooth on the edges but the hardpack was beginning to show on the downhill sides of the snowmaking mounds.  


Plenty of groomed out there today too. Expressway, Jack Rabbit, Mambo and Stem. Lower High Hopes and Deer Run were not groomed today but my guess is they will be tomorrow.


Tomorrow and Sunday should be great. Get out there and support them with a little green. Seven Springs will survive without you and Blue Knob will appreciate your business. Oops, I just realized I forgot to ski Lower 66.


Oh, the only time I hit some rock was when I over rotated a turn on East Wall. That was late morning. All the natural trails were getting traffic but they were in good shape when I skied them. If you stay on the snowmaking you'll be fine but the natural, well get it early and keep a sharp eye.

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Thanks for the post, I can't wait to go to blue knob.  It sounds like it will be good. I will definitely make a lot of turns there

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Thanks for the conditions update!
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Skied Blue Knob today.  No grooming was done overnight.  Conditions in the AM were crusty.  But everything was open.  It was fun.  It was cool to see all that snow  on March 30. Tried to ski extrovert, but very cut up and got trapped in some trees. It was a beautiful day today.  the slopes were all still pretty well covered.  Skied the Laural glades and there was good coverage.  In the AM Stembogen was crusty but still nice. It was a great day to end the season!!!

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Blue Knob is now closed for the season (didn't make it)


Seven Springs just announced they are extending daily skiing

a week till April 7.

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Lift served skiing at BK with significant glades still open on March 30th is pretty amazing. I wonder if that was ever possible before? Maybe in WV, but not sure about BK. Who would have thought we'd get better conditions for a Gathering weekend on March 23 instead of Feb 23? Very unusual March in the mid-Atlantic, quite snowy and consistently cool for preserving that snow the whole month. I hope the local ski areas got a decent bump in late season business since the good conditions coincided with early Easter school vacations for many kids.
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I was at BK for a day trip on Saturday. Well worth the 4:40 drive from Columbus when they have everything open. This was the second time I did it this year. The terrain at BK is just fantastic for the midatlantic when they have snow. BK, keep working on the snowmaking, glades maintenance and getting the midload lift fixed!
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