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Best one to buy? S7--- PATRON --- MR. POLLARD'S OPUS

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5'7" 150 lbs. / advanced skier.

Ski 20 days a year in Colorado and Utah.

I ski lift accessed terrain, mostly blacks/double blacks.



I own an all mountain carver that is 85mm underfoot.

I'm looking to add a second ski to my quiver that will be better in powder.



My criteria:

- good float in powder

- very maneuverable in trees and moguls

- descent on groomers and crud



Considering buying:

Armada     TST

Atomic      Ritual

Blizzard    Bonafide

Line          Influence 105

Line         Sir Francis Bacon


(98-108mm)  While these are great skis, I felt they may be too close in size to what I have and don't know if they will give me 

the deep snow performance I am looking for.



Rossignol   S7

Nordica      Patron

Line           Mr. Pollard's Opus


(113-118mm) Been leaning towards a ski of this width.

When I end up on a groomer, I ski fast, but I don't weigh much, so I figure I can get away with not having metal in my skis.

The max length I can ski is about 178cm, so I can't move up to the Super 7



Anyone who has skied on these: I would appreciate any positive or negative feedback about them

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I own both the Line Mr Pollards Opus and the Sir Francis Bacon.  I love both skis. Both are great skis for what you are looking for.  If I were you I'd go with the Bacon's because in the end realistically how many really deep days do you get?  I just think the Bacon is a tad more versatile.  I think you get a little more hard snow capabilities out of the Bacon.  Not a lot but a tad more.  And since it is a tad thinner at the waist you can go up in size and the set of skis weigh the same.  So get the Bacon in 184 and it will weigh the same as the Opus in 178.  I know because I have the Bacon's in 184 and the Opus in 178 with the same binding and they are almost identical weight.



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177cm Nordica Patron it may even outski your 85mm all mountain ski on groomers. Its is that good. Only thing it will never out do the narrow ski at is bumps because of the wide waist..

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I own the Patron and the Super 7; both are great skis, are quick turners and both ski short. I have not skied the Line ski. The Patron is a bit more versatile and could be skied every day if you had to.  The 7 is more of a powder specialist but it too could be skied on days after storms but probably not everyday. Obviously if you can demo them, even on a non powder day, it will be helpful. You may already know this but a word of caution on the 7; Rossi does a very poor job of communicating to the world that the waist width on the 7 changes quite a bit with length. I believe, but am not positive the waist width on the 178 is 110 mm and this may be an issue for you based on your post. The width on the 188 is 115 mm and 117 on the 195. You skipped over the 105 to 110 mm class which might be of interest to you. Many love the Blizzard Cochise (I don't) and I ski the most recent version of the Gotama on days when it hasn't snowed in a while and find it to be super versatile. Don't forget that tip rocker/early rise really helps float a ski and with your weight you may not have to go all that wide.

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