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I have a few questions for any Reno locals. I'm thinking about buying a small condo there in the near future so I can eventually spend a couple months out there in the winters and a month or so in the summer. I have been restructuring my business so I can work from anywhere (which isn't hard given my profession). The family/kid factor is a bit more of an obstacle. I wish my kid went to school all summer and had winters off. When I eventually retire (if I am ever able to) I plan to spend more time there and have a small condo either here, "back home" or somewhere else like Florida.


What are the best areas to live in Reno? My criteria is - affordable, convenience to the highway to get to skiing the north side and low crime. I'm thinking a small condo would work best.


What is the status of the market? From what I have been reading the market took a huge beating. Are people moving away from Reno in droves or what? I see tons of short sales on the market. Some of the pricing I see is almost unbelievably cheap. $30,000 for a 2 bedroom condo? My concern there is, are those mostly in seedy parts of town? I am also concerned that previously nice areas that have been hit hard will become undesirable. I want to avoid that if possible obviously.


Thanks for any insight!