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Moment Pika review

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My 70-year old wife (102 lbs) had a 95-mm waist and 80--mm waist for alpine touring and telemarking respectively, but only a Volkl Attiva Estrella for lift-served skiing, so I bought her some 150-cm Moment Pikas 141-111-129 and mounted them with Marker Squire bindings and she's been having a ball chasing the grandkids and me (and vice versa).  Here's a video of us playing in the trees in some heavy March Powder at White Pass Ski Area--it shows how the Pikas handle from the rider's view and the chaser's view.  FYI, I'm skiing AT gear:  182 cm Dyanfit Stokes, Zzero 4 UTF boots, and Vertical ST bindings smile.gif


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Wow - 70!!  I'm inspired!  icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gif

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Oh yeah, I forgot the picture of the young chick and her skis:


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Thanks for sharing your video . It was great fun watching two people having such a lot of fun .

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