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Need MA for my vid

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Ok guys I got my vid of my skiing so you can advise me about my problem and also perhaps other things I could work on.


My problem was described already in my previous thread but in short with my right turns I feel much more confident and smooth while with my left turns my upper hill ski is very weird and kinda flaps in the front sometimes ( you can see that in my last left turn, the front of the ski just flaps and the whole leg/ski position just doesnt feel good like it does on the right turns ).

So I have made a vid of me skiing at a fairly slow pace with some medium turns, hope its good if not tell me how I can make the vid better next time, maybe faster or slower skiing, more carved turns, less .. whatever, I just want to make the vid as clear for u guys as I can so you can advise me what im doing that I keep having this problem, and also of course advise me on other things I could work on.

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The good news is that you are skiing and having fun. I see some spots where your skis are parallel and some spots where you are doing simultaneous edging movements. I also like the generally tall stance.


You start your turns with an up move and a lateral lean to the inside of the turn. On your right turn, you also rotate your shoulders into the new turn.


Here is your position just before your left ski "flaps"

Notice how much your skis are on edge here.  You have picked up a lot of speed by carving to this point. Here you are just in the process of turning your right heel out to slow down. As you brace against that leg (see how straight your leg is?), you are going to get your weight way behind the left foot.



From here, it's much easier to turn that right ski up hill to finish slowing down.



Here's you right turn initiation. This is after the up move. See how tall you are? 


You have started to lean in over the inside ski. See how the left ski is on higher edge angle than the right ski? Can you also see how the tails of the skis are closer together than the tips? That's because you are balancing over the inside ski here. Can you also see how you have turned your shoulders to start the new turn? As you turn downhill from here, the skis are going to pull you into the back seat because you are too tall and over the inside ski.


You need to develop lower body turning and tipping movements as your primary means of initiating turns instead of the up extension and lean moves you now use.  If I had you as a student, I would use the Direct to Parallel progression to work on tipping movements, how to stay with the skis and steering into counter. But this is too hard to do on your own.


Over the Internet, I recommend that you focus on wedge christy turns. Finish your turns with your upper body facing more down the hill than your lower body and your skis in a "V" shape (tips closer together than tails). Start your turns by bending your new inside leg (right leg for your right turns) and guide the turn by turning your inside ski through the turn so that it comes to parallel with the outside ski (then open to a new "V" to complete the turn). As you make these turns with narrower and narrower starting "V"s, you should feel balancing more weight against the outside ski through the middle of the turn as a natural result of your turn shape.

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wow thank you rusty, a very in depth analysis.

Too bad im not anywhere near your location, or even from the US for that matter, I would definately consider taking a few hours of lessons from you.


So upper body more towards downhill as the lower body would look something like this right?




And if I understand that wedge drill right, if I go right as the arrow here points, I should bend my right leg to the right?




then slide that right leg towards my left one so it becomes parallel, and then start doing it with a smaller and smaller V shape.

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You've got it right. The move in the second picture is very subtle. The goal is to flatten that new inside ski to make it easier to steer without losing the ability to balance against the outside ski. As you steer the new inside ski, it becomes easier to bring it onto the new edge.

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