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Park City Intermediate terrain with nearby trees

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Hi everyone - 


heading to Park City for the first time later this week.  I've skied Alta and Snowbird, but never PCMR.  My wife loves blue runs and I'd prefer steps and trees.  Any good suggestions where we can ski together on blue runs, but I can dip into the trees and still end up at the bottom together.


Looks like maybe some good options off Motherlode or maybe McConkey's.  Also, anywhere she can ski off of the Jupiter lift or should I not take an intermediate skier back there?  I'm sure she can handle all the blues and double blues.  One recent trip was to Jackson and she did fine off of Sublette (Rendezvous/bivovac  and the blues off Thunder plus some of the blacks as long as they weren't too narrow.


Now we just need some snow.



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That's tough. First thoughts are Motherlode meadow under the Motherlode chair and Black Forest skiers right off Mckonkeys chair. Both have blues that meet on the bottom. The front of the mountain under Crescent chair has great Aspen glades, but she'd have to swing wide skiers right to Silver Queen and down from there. That would work... Perhaps some of the others have suggestions. Triangle trees off of Sultan in DV is great, but Tycoon, the double blue that parallels it can be steep and hard. Lady Morgan has some great trees close to the lift line and she could loop around skiers right to meet at the bottom. If the weather holds cold, Powder Mountain has the best tree skiing in the state, IMHO, it isnt steep, but an intermediate can happily cruise the groomers all day.
If there isn' much new snow, not to worry. Grooming will be great. Just work on your game on the blues and wait patiently at the bottom for ze vife. At PCMR, try the yurt for lunch or Midmountain. at DV, Empire Lodge is nice....
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Thanks. Just hoping for the best or I might have to'disappear' to Alta for a day:-) oh well its all about the kids having fun on their first real ski trip.
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I would not recommend Jupiter chair for intermediate skier. No easy way down. Mr. Crabs suggestions are good. Also, lunch on main Street (look for town runs off Payday run) is nice. You can ski directly to High West Distillery. make a short right turn before you cross the bridge to town lift. Or you can ski down to Town Lift and walk down to main Street and eat wherever.

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You know, Alta has great stuff for intermediates and beginners... Not in huge quantity like some of the others, but it's quality and gorgeous.
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Mr. Crab's suggestion is right on. I just did this at Alta with my kids. My daughter had not been on skis in at least 5 years. She is a solid intermediate, but not used to powder. My sons are both good skiers and love powder. Unfortunately, I also love powder and it was a powder day at Alta with no crowds. But, having managed to get my daughter on skis for the first time in a long time and wanting it to be a pleasant experience, I would ski down the groomers with her and my boys would take alternative ways down through trees, bowls, etc. Then we'd meet up at the lift again or on the trail. I was very impressed at how easy this was to do at Alta and the multitude of choices for the boys. Ah, the sacrifices we parents make.     

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thanks again everyone. Snow conditions at over the weekend did not allow for much tree skiing. We pretty much stuck to the groomers in the morning and then skied bumps once the snow softened up in the pm. On Monday, a day off for my family, I was lucky enough to get a free pass to DV and a nice tour of many of the groomers. Must admit that even though I don't typically stay on the trails, they sure do a great job of grooming there. Reputation is much deserved. Tuesday (our planned day off) woke up to 15" at PCMR and the locals said it was the best day of the week. Spent the morning lapping the blacks off of Silverlode lift (Lost Prospector, Newport, Dynamite). Everything looks a lot better with new snow. At this level, hard to call it real powder, but the heavy snow actually helped to soften everything. After a quick lunch, went with one friend and did a couple of laps on Jupiter. What a different world up there. No traffic and snow was nice a light and much deeper. Our first run we just turned left off the lift, picked a line through the trees and pointed them down hill. 2nd run we traversed further left and skied the open face next to War Zone I believe. Amazing the difference just going up a little bit higher.

Needing to meet up with family members, we then hit Blueslip bowl to Pioneer. Nice open bumps compared to Jupiter. Skied the rest of the day on the groomers with first my 5 year old and then lapped Bonanza a few times with my 8 year old. Kids took 3 full days of lessons at PC and not only learned a lot, but most importantly thoroughly enjoyed their experience. I liked how well they moved kids around the first couple of days to pair them with others of similar ability.

Had planned on heading over to Alta on Wednesday, but never made it. Will have to plan this into our next trip. We stayed with friends who moved to PC 3 yrs ago and they haven’t left their valley yet. Will have to show them around both little & big cottonwood areas next winter.

Our goal was for our two boys to enjoy skiing so we can continue to take ski trips as a family. The week was a huge thumbs up from both, so all in all a very successful trip. Guess we'll have to head back to Utah soon :-)
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Sounds like a great time. You showed up just as we left after a week at PCMR.  I did most of those runs you mentioned and they were good all week except towards the end of our stay when you showed up. The 15" helped bring it back it sounds like. I've never done DV since I board with the kids now but my wife does, she may really like it there.  I slip away each trip (except this last one) to go around to Snowbird a few times. It is a different world. But with kids and a family, staying is PC is perfect. PCMR is a great resort and it's open late. 

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