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Head WC Race GS

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Has anyone used the new 2003 race stock Head GS or the previous equivalent RS-119? How does it compare to the Fischer race stock (verical laminate) GS? Does anyone have any recommended sources for new or used? I am on last year's WC TI SL and love the ride in the gates and even free skiing. Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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The Head Rs-119 and this years race stock ski are not the same. the RS-119 is a great all round ski and a great race ski even in ice chatttery race courses. The newer 2002-2003 silver ski (who's name I forget) is a more specialized race ski.
One of our local shops had the skis, but at last check only had a pair of 185 RS-119 and a pair of 180 2002-2003s. The Head GS and SL skis basically sold out during the race night events last fall. There still are some SG/DH and 2001-2002 slalom skis left marked down to half retail price.
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