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East Coast - Advanced - Groomer Ski Recommendation

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I'm new to the forum and hoping that someone can provide me with help deciding between 3 skis I've been looking to buy. I am an advanced-intermediate to advanced skier. As seems typical, I was advanced++ when I was a teen and in my 20s... took a decade off... now back at it since my kids are old enough to join me on the mountain. I ski small East Coast mountains (MA, NH) only (for now), and on-piste (but option to hit trees/bumps would be nice bonus).


I skied 165mm Fischer Motive X all season (purposely a bit short) as I eased back in to the sport, but I'm ready to let loose again in '13-'14; I definitely have my ski legs back! I loved the low-end Fischer skis for what they were--great to cruise around groomers with my kids--but now I'm ready for more speed and to step up the performance (without going broke in the process).


I've been looking at:


  • 2013 Fischer Motive 80 [175mm]
  • 2012 Fischer Motive 80 C-Line
  • 2013 K2 AMP Velocity [172mm]


Any recommendations? Any ski/binding packages you would recommend that I haven't considered?


Location:  East Coast, mostly MA & NH.
Terrain: groomed
Skill:  advanced
Height & Weight:  6'0", 165#, 44 YO


Thanks in advance!

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Look at Fischer WC SC, if you want to rip some nice hard turns on a smaller hill.

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When you post a question limiting to certain choices, it is inevitable that those of us who have not skied them will offer our own recommendations for skis of the same ilk. Mine - Hart Phoenix. For me, the ultimate carving cruiser of groomers. American heritage. Italian built. Classic shape (116-66-101). Appx 16 m ski in 174 which is what I ski. Wicked quick. Wicked stable. By rumor, it is the same ski as the exotic VIST carvers which  go for close to $2k, all built by Blossom. Just so happens there is a new pair on 174cm on Ebay right now for $375. That is what I ski in Maine - 173lbs/5'9. Check out the reviews. 

Happy trails,


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If you liked the Fischer feel, stay with it. They're a great ski to get better on, and work really well for lighter skiers. The Motives are a solid series. Not a K2 fan, especially for the east, but others are I'm sure. I wouldn't go under 80 or over 88 mm if you mainly want a groomer zoomer with some applications for soft snow in the trees. Another brand that's good for lighter skiers with your profile in this range is Blizzard, as in the 8.0 CA or the Bushwacker. I'd avoid metal skis just now. 


Ghost has long running issues about arguing for race or rec race skis in all possible terrain, up to and including bottomless powder. Just smile and move on. biggrin.gif And yeah, you'll get a whole bunch of recs for skis each of us happen to believe in, regardless of what you asked or what you want them for. I anticipate votes for Bent Chetlers next...

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Another Fischer to consider is the Progressor 800.  A better hard snow ski than the Motives but a bit narrower so you give up some in crud and powder.  The Progressor 8+ has been my daily driver in VT for the last 4 seasons.  I agree that the Motive 80 and Magnum 80CA (and the 80ti) are also good choices. 

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