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Snowbird Instructor/Guide Recommendation

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My wife and I are headed to Snowbird next week and I want to take a lesson.  Can anyone recommend a good instructor for an advanced skier who skis the whole mountain?  I would like the lesson to be combined with a sort of Guide experience.  Someone that could show me the mountain and take me to places I wouldn't likely find on my own and also to work on some technique here and there.  


Thanks in advance. icon14.gif

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I think you would be fine as long as you take an extra minute when you call snowbird to make sure your expectations and skill level are clear; but at the same time don't come off as so needy that they stick you with the instructor who can't book work.  

I think you could perhaps ask for instructor who has a couple seasons at snowbird.


On my trip there, I saw even the kid's instructor/guide taking a group of small kids through gates to tricky single-track trees to moguled terrain; so I don't think you need to worry too much about getting an unskilled instructor who doesn't know or can't handle the terrain..

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Ed Chauner  (if he's still there).


Larry Croft is another good one, but I'm not sure if he's just doing group lessons.

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Thanks for the replies.  Any recommendations for Alta?

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I had two excellent days with Georgia Dumais at Snowbird.  She's taught there for a long time, and absolutely rips.  Did a great job last spring of getting us in the right spot at the right time to make the most of the conditions.  I think she'd be perfect for what you're looking for.

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I think Jackie Devlin is a fantastic Level 3 instructor at Snowbird. I've also learned a lot from Alta instructor Catherine McEnroe (may have spelling wrong).
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A couple of years ago, I also was in search of an instructor at Snowbird.  I asked Jim Forster, who is the assistant ski school director at Snowbasin (he's on Epic as 4ster), who he'd recommend for someone that fits your profile.  He recommended Carl Boyer, a former President of PSIA Intermountain Division and an examiner, Rob Sogard (the coach of the PSIA National Demo Team and also assistant director of Snowbird's ski school), and Tom Kronthaler.  I skied with Tom for 3 days and he was terrific.  He's a masters ski racer and brings an Austrian bent to things as he's travelled to Austria for race training.  I also skied half a day with Rob and he was fantastic.  I didn't have the opportunity to ski with Carl as he was fully booked both times I tried.



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Thanks everyone for the recommendations !
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