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Goldwin Ski Jacketss

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Siera Trading sells Goldwin Ski Jackets...   pricey if not on sale.   now it's on sale.


looking at the Stealth model; any feedback on this brand?



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I bought 2.  The first got snagged on a tree and ripped, but any jacket would have.  I purchased another one since I really like the Stealth. STP has 2 types.  The cheaper doesn't have the H.O.O.D. system that allows it to expand on a helmet using a zipper.  The only other differences are color and zipper placement.  You should be able to purchase it for about $253+tax+shipping using their coupons if you are on their mailing list.

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Goldwin... a well made high quality brand that has very little market presence in the US... It was huge among the Japanese technical ski crowd when I was living there. Descent, Goldwin, Phoenix... I kind of lump them all together.

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STP's description of the Stealth w/H.O.O.D option includes the phrase "removable hood" - is that accurate??  It sure doesn't look that way from the pictures.  One of my acquisition objectives for next season is a hood-less top-end shell, which are amazingly difficult to find.

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Probably is... The Descent jacket hoods are removable for the most part, but certainly don't look it.

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Both types of Stealth from STP have removable hoods.

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Good to know - wish they weren't insulated.

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