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step up from solomon quest access 80

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I should have done a little more research on boot selection, but I am somewhat disappointed in the boot that I have, the Solomon Quest Access 80. I used to ski a used Nordica Grand Prix, and that boot, even used, felt more substantial than the quest access 80.


My biggest complaint is probably that the liner compresses a great deal. I feel myself having to re-strap down every so often because it becomes loose. Maybe I should be having to do this anyway? My ski style is all mountain (advanced), my foot size/width is 27.5, and normal width, not wide or narrow. I don't wear a molded insole, but it was my plan to get one, but I would rather have a solid boot first than dump money into it and still not be skiing in an optimal boot.


Any general suggestions on brands/models to step up from this heap? I know this is entirely subjective, but maybe there is a crowd favorite that everyone seems to love (kinda like how runners like the Nike Pegasus, year over year.)

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Find yourself a decent shop with a decent selection of boots and someone who knows how to fit them. There are way too many factors to take into consideration in choosing your foot.


If you are a guy of average size or more, you may want to be looking at boots with flex ratings of 100 or more.  Those flex ratings are pretty subjective, so you just have to find something that you like.



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as Denny says find a good boot fitter, the rest will follow, the boot you have is the very basic level of the quest boot, a bit like dropping back form a performance car (your old Grand Prix) to the car you passed your driving test in


100 flex + and close to the foot, a good fitter will guide you through the process, let us know where you are and someone can probably suggest someone local


good luck getting sorted

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like cem said, find your self a good boot fitter.  i recently did, and it's made a world of difference.  they'll go over the basics that a regular ski shop might not address...   skier type, weight, foot lenght & width, terrain skied, skis used etc. the difference you pay will be well worth it.


i moved from the Quest access to the Atomic LF 120; a noticeable difference in ski response, etc


good luck

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