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Atomic R:EX

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First off let me start by saying I have an arsenal of Atomic skis all of which are 2001’s or newer and am very happy with each pair. However this year I added a pair of R:EX’s to the line up. The first time I skied my new R:EX’s was in November and I can honestly say that I have not skied any of my other skis since, and so far I have skied about 15 times. I found the R:EX’s to be stable at high speeds, great in powder and crud, and no issues on groomers and bumps (tight bumps require a little more work but I am not the best bump skier out there). I am 5’11’ and 210 lbs, I was on the fence when choosing a length 177cm or 184cm, I wanted to use the skis in all conditions so I went with the 177cm and ski it with the Atomic binding set one position back. I am hooked on Fat skis and look forward to trying the Sugar Daddy
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I had the exact same experience with my G4s. i used to ski on the G30s but since taking my G4s out in November I haven't skied on anything else since.

Fat skis rule!
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Ski Make: Atomic
Ski Model: 02/03 R:EX
Ski Length: 168cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Spring corn, heavy and light crud, groomers, bumps
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 10
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 10
Other Skis You Like: Rossi Bandit X, Rossi Bandit XX, Atomic Betaride 9.22
Your Height/Weight: 5'7" 150#
Comments: A fantastic ski for just about all conditions. Rock steady and stable at all speeds. Great solid feel underfoot. Carves medium and long radius turns very easily. For short radius turns and bumps staying forward, over the sweet spot is a must. If over the sweet spot, can rattle off very quick, short radius turns easily and pretty good in bumps considering the 84mm waist. The 168cm length I skied on probably also helps with short turn and bump performance. Plows through crud and heavy snow at any speed without any deflection. Did not get to ski true powder but would guess that flotation is good to excellent judging from light crud performance. The only weakness is that the R:EX not very forgiving. Get in the back seat and get punished. Overall, a really great, versatile ski for the advanced or expert rider with good technique looking to ski the entire mountain.
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I am looking into getting an REX and attaching a
Diamar Freestyle binding to that. Does has anybody
experience with that.

Also, I am 5 feet 11inch, 175 pounds. Quite a good skier.

I am not sure about the lenght. Currently I ski an 185 X Scream,
skied an 190 X Scream last week. That is the right lenght.
For the REX I am not sure to get an 184 or 191. Any suggestions?

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Christian- you may want to also look for the Atomic TM:ex. It is the AT version of the R:ex. It is virtually the same as the R:ex (according to multiple sources) and is usually available for less money.
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The TM:EX version has less metal fiber - Texaluim 100 as opposed to Texalium 200 in the R:EX. Don't ask me what that means. I can tell you that the R:EXs are very light-feeling to pick up compared with just about all my other skis.

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christan- go with the 168 or 177cm I'm 5' 11" and 190lbs and enjoy mine in 177cm. I'm not sure if the tele bindings have any effect on the lenght of the ski. With there centrix binding the ski will do amazing things.

Fun thing over the weekend on the chair lift rides I met two people that had no idea they could move the bindings on there Atomic skis. I'll bet most of the people don't have any idea what they really have.
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EDIT because I did not read this correctly.

I will post a full review once I have had the chance to ski this a few more days.

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I am looking into getting an REX and attaching a
Diamar Freestyle binding to that. Does has anybody
experience with that.
I skied the Rex with Fritschi Freestyles in Italy for 2 weeks in late February. The first week was a heliski week in Valgrisenche with good powder. The Rex's worked really well and I was impressed. The second week was a 'ski safari' in the Monte Rosa (covering the area from Cervinia over as far as Alagna), and I was still impressed. [The Rex are especially good when the snow is difficult, and are still reasonably light when you put skins on for climbing.] They certainly have MY recommendation!

Oh...the length. The 184 is more than long enough for even a heavy skier, and there is no point in going for anything longer.

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