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2004 atomic rt plugs

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I've got a pair of the old race tech plugs in soft flex that have been killing my feet the last couple seasons, particularly this season...I'm thinking my feet have changed the last ten years as they used to be perfect when I bought em...I love how they ski however. My question is, is it worth keeping these shells and refitting or is the new technology and a completely new setup the way to go? Tired of the pain, it's bearable skiing short vert here in MN but out west halfway down I'm ready to take em off and set em on fire...
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over a 10 year period your feet (and your tolerance to compression) have probably changed a little, great boot shell so probably worth swinging by your local boot fitter (who has race boot experience) and having them take a look, you would be surprised how a very minor amount of work might just change these into a great fitting pain free boot like they used to be

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Thanks CEM, I will do that!
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