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Quiver recommendation-- ski in the 80's?

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Hoping to get a recommendation on a ski to fill out a quiver (assuming a quiver can ever be full...)


190lbs, very fit, 6'3", 45 years old, expert but still improving as I ski more consistently.  Home mountain is Big Sky/Moonlight and ski the whole mountain, happiest in the steeps.  Ski 20-30 days a year.


Currently ski most days on a 180cm Bonafide-- a great ski for me on a mountain that can have such varied conditions top to bottom.  Use a 185cm Nordica Unleashed Hell for soft and deeper days, or for when I just want to mix it up.  But I'm looking for something for groomer cruising with my intermediate-skill friends or when skiing with my school-age kids.  And for days when it has not snowed in a while, in firm-snow bumps and trees.  The snow rarely gets really hard here (at least compared to my East Coast roots skiing boilerplate).  Pure carvers seem like overkill.


Have a chance to get a screaming deal on some Blizzard Magnum Ti 8.5 in 181cm with Griffon demos on it.  Skis are in great shape and seemed like a good addition at 85mm underfoot, and I won't cry when the kids run them over.  I was thinking about a Nordica 84 EDT but think that may be even more hard-snow biased than I need and really need speed to come alive.


Any thoughts-- wish I could ski these but not gonna happen.  Other skis I should consider for demo next season if I were to pass on the 8.5's?



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8.5's would be a nice complement to your other skis. It's not nearly as powerful as the FA 84 EDT, but still a very nice ride.

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The FA 84s really shine in hard snow, so It sounds like he Blizzys would be the better choice.  I haven't taken my 84s into the bumps - my gut says they're probably  OK, but there are better choices including the 8.5s. 

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I'll throw another into the mix-- what about an MX83 in a 183?  I know I'm at the other end of the cost spectrum with the Kastle vs a demo 8.5 but that sure sounds like a fun ski.

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If you can get "a screaming deal" then by all means pull the trigger on the Blizzards.  They were the first ski to pop into my mind when you were explaining the situation, and it got better and better as I read on.  Terrific ski for the conditions you describe.

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Just added the 8.5's myself. So far so good, especially with a killer deal.

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Appreciate the feedback-- I got my ski lust under control and bought the Blizzard 8.5 demos.  Should work great for how I will really ski these (as opposed to how I would like to ski them).  Has the added advantage of giving me an early/late season ski, both in terms of ski characteristics and in terms of investment.


Thanks all.

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