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Easter Weekend in NY or VT

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Would like to head East from Buffalo area for 4 or 5 days somewhere within @ 6 hrs drive, beginner + skill set, was thinking Killington, Stratton, Okemo maybe Stowe (bit longer drive), have been watching reports and posts but wanted to ask anyone who has been in the area as of late what the conditions are like in the area this late in the year for newbie skiers? 

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Well, the conditions at Stowe are the best they have been all season. I'd imagine it's that way across the board.

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Personally, I love skiing at Sugarloaf Maine.  It has some incredibly challenging terrain for the experts as well as lots of fun runs for beginners and intermediates.  Over 140 runs plus a couple hundred acres of diamond and double diamond glades.  Plus, it's the only ski area east of the rockies that has skiing above the tree line!

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Anywhere will be good.  Why go to Vermont when the (cheaper) state-run places in New York are fine.  Gore and Whiteface are in great shape.  

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Gore would be perfect for your level.  Whiteface will have more to do at night. Jay Peak has a lot of skiing for your level and is an easy and picturesque drive across northern VT farm country.  Oh, your driving from will have had your fill of farms by then.  Either stop in the ADKS or look at Stowe or Sugarbush.  In southern, VT Stratton or Okemo are right for you.  No need to drive any further east. 

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