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2013/14 Season Pass

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Now that my ski season is over, it's time for me to consider buying a 2013/14 season pass while the deals are good. I skied 19 days this season, with 13 of those in Utah and 3 at Whistler. Not too bad for a North Carolinian...but, the costs really add up paying an average of $75 per day!

I ski the whole mountain but especially enjoy glades and bowls. I love hitting areas like those accessible by the high traverse at Alta and Honeycomb Canyon at Solitude. My wife just learned to ski this season and is already able to follow me almost anywhere. We just returned from a short trip to Utah and the last day at Snowbird she had no problem with the Bookends or several difficult blacks off the Gad2 lift! I have skied almost all of the major resorts in Utah and Colorado plus Whistler. Living in Charlotte and working long hours means that I prefer heading to easily accessible resorts with direct flights (I.e. Utah). Also, I travel a good bit for work and can sometimes squeeze in a weekend trip and expense my flight out West rather than heading home.

I'm currently considering the following passes and wanted to see if anyone had any insight or recommendations:

1) Mountain Collective @ $350

2) Rocky Mountain Super Pass Plus @ $420

3) Epic Local Pass @ $530

I keep going back and forth on which pass to get, but I'm currently leaning towards #2 because I've never skied Copper and my wife would enjoy a week at Steamboat next year (6 free days). Plus, WP is one of the more accessible resorts from Denver for quick weekend trips. Thoughts/suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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Well if your set on a week at steamboat ya the rmsp makes sense and copper is a great mtn best laid out trail system by far of any mountain ive ever skied, wp is nice too , but u are limiting yourself to just CO with that pass, i dont know if thats a big deal to u or not.

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Any one of those are pretty good options for someone living in NC. I live in Columbus, OH and I'm toying around with the idea of the Rocky Mountain Super Pass+. I have friends in Denver, lodging in WP/Frasier is relatively cheap. Relatively cheap, direct and frequent flights to Denver. 

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Here's an idea: put the three in a hat.  Draw one.  That's where you ski next year.  Save the hat for next year, rinse and repeat.  You could ski an amazing variety of areas in three years with those three passes over three years.  What fun!  


Only catch is will they all be around for three years.  The Mountain Collective deal could fall apart since it's so many different companies, so you might do that one first.   RMSP, while less likely, could also fall apart since it's two different companies: Intrawest and Copper.   Epic is unlikely to go away since it's all under VR.  Based on that thinking, over three years do: Mountain Collective, RMSP then Epic in that order.  Just thinking out loud...

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