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looking for new boots

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have 10yr old solomon 5/0. still fit great, but time for stiffer boot. have somewhat wide foot with not much arch, and large calfs. any suggestions

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I suggest you find a good bootfitter in your area to help, adn read the wiki at the top of the ask the boot guys page


both will help you a lot

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as Dave says, finding a boot fitter is going to be the easiest way to get a great fitting pair of boots that will work for your skiing, not a lot we can recommend on the net as we have no idea how the current boot fits you, you say the fit is great but it is difficult to define "great" in terms of what your perception of fit is compared to how well a boot can fit... often people think the fit is great till they try something better


boots have come on a bit in terms of shape and comfort since you got those, with the help of a good fitter a great fit is possible for most feet

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