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"Do I really gotta be the a**hole who says we got in this thing and went back in time?"






There's another thread on this from last year but I don't do shared baths with anyone I don't know very well. I have no desire to be exposed to others "issues" and less than acceptable hygiene and health issues.... including nonsensical banter. 

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Ego allegedly exists in a state of presumed immortality and therefore you shouldn't expect hot tub conversations between 50-somethings to be substantively different at their core than those of men of any other age.  Same underlying insecurities and dick measuring, just shrouded in different topics than when teens do it.

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"So does hot water and chlorine kill chlamydia?" smile.gif  


Too bad that a bath can't just be a bath. It's an integral part of ski culture in Japan, and one sorely missed...  We usually talked about pretty much everything... family, skiing, weather, where to go tomorrow, gear, life, etc... Even better in the mixed onsen so we could hang with the girls too. No... no 'boobies' etc... towels are wrapped strategically for viewer discretion.

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Originally Posted by Metaphor_ View Post


I've found that most people in hot tubs aren't homophobic, actually. 


But the ones we don't want to share with probably are...

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My last hot-tub-chat this season was also my first. I saw the water being filled, so no issue on the germ-mania. Up here we have to drain them after use, otherwise they'll crack. They're made of wood with a wood-burning oven for the heating.
Anyway, the conversation was exellent, we were only two out there and only one of us a male, and the prosecco tasted delicious.
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Originally Posted by segbrown View Post

But the ones we don't want to share with probably are...

Probably not if they are in a hot tub with a bunch of men hoping that this is the formula to attract women. Just a liquid version of the hotel bar.
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Hot springs are much nicer

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Originally Posted by rx2ski View Post

Hot springs are much nicer

In theory. Nothing nicer about a bunch of don't-wanna-see-its getting naked together for no real reason. I've considered going to the natural hot springs in town, but a. it's always crowded, more so than a private hot tub at a lodge, b. the one time I tried to go I was treated to the sight of some guy's hairy dong (it's like 30 feet from a major street, not sure why nudity is necessary) and c. then a guy died in there. 


So, yeah, hot springs aren't always that private, pristine, snow-dusted-forest scene that some think of them as. 

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You mean, natural hot springs aren't always as pleasant as the scene with Ingrid Backstrom in Attack of La Nina? 

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