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quick goggle question?

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Been noticing mostly in the x games but some at my home mountain folks wearing their goggles where their goggle straps under their helmet and helmet straps. Just a newer fad or are there advantages to wearing your goggles underneath your helmet?

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Fashion from the same folks that brought us massively over-sized clothes.

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Posted on this when I watched the x-games.  Very practical: you have to take off your helmet to adjust/lift your goggles.  Agree with Whiteroom; look for the pants falling off their butts, too. 

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ive tried both i dont think it matters, i do have one pair of spy goggles that for whatever reason their straps are weird and barely stretch far enough to fit over a large helmet

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It's a bright sunny day.  It's hot. I want to wear my goggles but take off my helmet until my event. I haven't tried it but maybe I will.  Better than another thread whining about those damn kids and their snowboards and baggy pants.

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