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Customer Service - How to do it...

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OK, so this isn't a review of a product, but a comment on how manufacturers should do it.

When I was in Whistler, I had problems with my Oakley A-frame persimmon lenses. They were misting over, and it wasn't bright enough to switch to the Black Iridium lenses I also have for the goggles. So, last Friday I posted the lenses to Oakley, explaining the problem. I expect they would have received the lenses on Monday or Tuesday. On Thursday, I got a phone call from Oakley to say they would replace my lenses free of charge, but they were out of stock of that exact lens, and wouldn't have it in for a couple of weeks. With Utah next Saturday, waiting a few weeks wasn't an option if I was going to take those goggles. So, I asked if they had the Fire Iridium lenses in stock. They are a far superior lens to the persimmon, and about twice the price. I was expecting to be told that I could only have the exact replacement, but no, I was allowed to switch to the better lens and pay £36 for the upgrade. So I then asked would they be able to get them to me before next weekend. Most companies would use the slowest & cheapest method of delivery. Well, they were sent out recorded delivery on Thursday afternoon, and delivered to me on Friday morning. I now have Oakley goggles with great lenses which will be going with me to Utah.

So, Oakley UK Customer Service get a big [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] and several from me. I shall continue to buy their product as long as they keep this level of service up.

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Great report! I've had that kind of service from Solstice.

Customer service - it's what builds brand loyalty.
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Nice to hear about good customer service. A post like this would add to my concideration of choosing an Oakley Google The next time I'm looking for a new Ski Google. Fox send an E Mail to Oakley,Letting them know that you wewre so impressed that you let over 4000 other skier/members here know about thier good service. If nothing else the rep that helped you will get a nice atta boy or atta girl which ever the case may be from thier Boss.
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WTFH, nice to hear that.
I'm the owner of three Oakley goggles (one with clear lenses, which I used for motocross and now for night skiing)
One with lightly shated lens that I was using in bad weather and later in good weather too and a new one I got as a present for xmas with a darker lens which have now become my all purpouse goggles.
The reason? I am (was) a contact lenses wearer, and couldn't stand to ski with normal sunglasses and teraful eyes AND c-lenses.
Oakley provide good innner air circulation (so the c-lanses wouldn't dry and stick to the eyes) while at the same time
providing great eye protection.
Awesome goggles.
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It's good to hear about that kind of customer awareness. I also had a surprisingly good experience with a ski related company recently, Bogner.

Four years ago, I convinced my mother-in-law to go skiing with my wife and I, so we took her shopping at a tent sale where she found a nice Bogner parka. I know, Bogner?! For the last four years she has worn it over our week long Christmas ski trip to Holiday Valley. This year, she pulled it out of the closet only to find that the outer layer was delaminating in several spots. I called Bogner in Vermont and sent them the jacket. They took a look at it and are replacing it with a new jacket, same pattern, different outer layer. No arguments, no b.s. about the jacket's age, just "we're sending a replacement and if she doesn't like that one, we'll make it right another way."

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