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Boot Stretching

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i have a pair of 'rossignol soft' ski boots (size 28.5) that i believe need to be stretched about a quarter of an inch.  could you recommend a ski shop that can do this in new jersey.  i live in newark, n.j..  i tried the ski barn here and they could only stretch the boot a sixteenth of an inch (they told me to cut my toe nails very close).  i looked at boot stretching equipment but it is beyond my finances.  i live in an apartment and heating a ski boot up to 300° is not practical.


i have the same problem with my other ski boots, 'salomon sx61' rear entry size 28.5) but i was told they were too old to stretch.


senior skier.  70+ club member

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Rossi soft boots cannot be stretched greatly and are not easy boots to modify in any way.  If you have two 28 that are to short why aren't you in a 29?  What size shoe do you wear?



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the boot fitters at heinz in north jersey were able to get me an 1/8" but told me to leave the boots with them and they were pretty sure they could get another 1/8".   i'll pick up the boots on thursday or friday of this week to find out if they were successful.


they did clarify the problem with stretching the salomons.   they said that the boot material becomes more brittle with age and the solomons are over 10 yrs. old.  it's a shame.  both boots fit perfectly when i first got them and i really liked the rear entry solomons the older i got.:-)   the rossiniols are not that old.  i got them when the upper plastic holding the clamps on my nordicas split, about 5 yrs ago.:-(


i am very old school.   my skis are olin mark 5's (a pair of 185's and 195's) with burt bindings (i have two backup sets just in case i need parts...from friends who gave up skiing)


i wear a 10½ narrow shoe.

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it may also be possible to restrain your foot a bit using some padding on the tongue to hold you to the back of the boot... also are you using a footbed, this will help with stabilization of the foot 


good luck getting it sorted, let us know how it all goes

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i picked up the boots and the fit was just about perfect.  i think a little more stretching in the right boot (my right foot is 1/4" longer than the left).  i was told to wear the boots around the house for a total of a few hours and let them know how the boots feel.  they would make an additional stretch if needed.


i have not tried adding extra padding to the tongue of the boots.  i'll wait to see how the boot fitters solve the problem first.


i wear superfeet inserts in all of my athletic shoes (copper and orange)....cycling, golf, roller skating, etc.


i am very impressed with how the left boot now fits.  great service.  eagerly looking forward to skiing.

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A size 10.5 when measured in Mondo point is a size 27.  The problem with your boots is they are too big and don't hold your foot in place so it slides forward and you bash your toes.


A rossi soft is also not compatible with narrow feet so on both points you have a dysfunctional match up.  You'd find better resolution of your problems with new smaller and narrower boots.



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sorry for the misspelling.  it's heind's ski shop (not heinz);

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