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Superfeet Kork Not Snug In Liner

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Please help! I just bought Tecnica Demon 100's with Superfeet Kork custom foot beds. The boots are super comfortable, but I noticed my foot (heel) was moving back and forth each time I made a turn. After a lot of complaining and the boot fitter telling me to buckle down more, I noticed the Superfeet Kork footbed does not sit all the way back in the liner. In other words, when I took the boots off and and looked inside the liner, there is a 1/4 to 3/8 inch space between the heel end of the footbed and the heel of the liner.

The bootfitter told me this was normal and correct so that the footbed "will move with the foot". Why would my foot be moving at all? Is this normal in any way? Thanks, jerboy
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there can be a couple of mm to allow the footbed to "settle" and work with the foot  but 1/4" or more is way too much, either they have been cut too short or.... it does make it sound like the boot is too big.... do a shell check and see how much room there is in the shell


not sure why (if they are too short) that the fitter doesn't just make you a new set, they have a 60 day money back guarantee

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Not sure if you can tell much by this photo, but I can actually stick the tip of my finger between the foot bed and the back of the liner; that's almost 1/2". The foot bed will not slide any further back as it is snug against the contour of the front of the liner. The shell check was fine (less than 1-1/2 fingers) and the liner is snug when worn outsidfe the shell and without the foot bed. As I said, when making a turn, I can feel my foot sliding to the back of the liner.


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if the footbed won't go back into the back of the liner it would suggest it is too wide and is binding on the liner/shell in the heel pocket

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Everything CEM said.  The footbeds as they are molded are not ready for boots and must be modified to fit each shell properly.  In the shell only, they should sit flat on the zeppa and slide all the way into the heel of the shell without binding or in any way being distorted.  When that is achieved and I think it isn't there yet, there they will probably properly fit the liners.



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