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Info on Salomon Mission alu boots?

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I picked up a pair of Salomon Mission alu boots on clearance at Sports Authority (only place in town I found with boots).  The flex is not written anywhere.  The sign listed them as 2013 boots but they do not show up on Salomon's USA website.  They do show up on Salomon for some European countries.


I've read the articles here on fitting and feel this is as good as I'll get until I can go to a boot fitter.    For the Mission GTI alu, I found a place saying all mountain for beginner/intermediate.  For the Mission alu (photos matched) the site said "Sport" and I'm unsure what that means.  My question is this boot acceptable for an advanced beginner to intermediate skier?  Same overseas Salomon website also said flex was 70 but it is not written on boot or box.

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welcome to the madhousesmile.gif


the Mission is a pretty low level boot with a very high volume fit, fine if you are a light weight( 70 flex is the softest junior boot we carry)  beginner with a big wide foot and not looking for any performance from your boots, if you are looking to improve rapidly or have anything other than a very wide /high volume foot, (if you can) i would return them, save your money and wait till you can get to a proper boot fitter


sorry to be the possible bearer of bad news but if a job is worth doing it is worth doing right, you will get far more long term benefit than you ever will from this boot

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Thanks.  I'll return them and get to a boot fitter next year, hopefully on a trip to Tahoe.  I'm skiing this weekend and found them on the way up but a deal is not a deal if the boots hold me up.  I definitely want my own boots to get away from rental roulette. 


I'm 175 lbs, definitely not a junior, and goal is to ski as much as possible next year making good progression.  I do have a wide foot but than can be addressed with a boot fitter.  Decided to ask about boots here before I wore them and again appreciate the quick response.

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good decision, i think you will get a much better fit than the mission and the flex was very much on the low side


if you are going to tahoe area then pop in and see Jim and the guys at Starthaus in Truckee, sure they will be able to sort you out ... not sure if you need to book an appointment, sure he will pop on in  a bit and let you know


hi scontact details can be found here http://www.starthaus.com

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