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Bob, I was skiing some drifts in VT that were way over 15" and they did o.k.. Never once saw the skis though!

BTW, Are your plates cracked? both of mine are near the toe area, both sides of the plate. If you're looking to get another pair I think I know where you can get one in VT.

Fact is, one can become obsessed with "Is this ski good enough for this condition? should I get...bring..." Last year when I went to Mammoth I thought "oh for this powder these are too short, narrow etc...." Then I skied with an instructor there who was on 163's and absolutely smoked me. Oh well, guess I should learn to ski better!
I started to think that it's good to ski with one type of ski in all conditions - it really trains you. Then when you do get on those laminated sliced telephone poles you can really fly.
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Tog has it right - technique first.

However, one place I do not believe I would ever enjoy skiing on "just anything" is in foot deep, damp, very heavy snow. My shorty slaloms were just miserable in that stuff - can't go through it, gotta go over and around it.
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Originally posted by Tog:
I started to think that it's good to ski with one type of ski in all conditions - it really trains you. Then when you do get on those laminated sliced telephone poles you can really fly.
Hey! Is that a long/fat ski crack? [img]tongue.gif[/img]

I'm coming around. My longest pair are 184's...although the narrowest has an 80-mm waist.

I always wondered who was still buying slalom skis.
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Ski Make: Rossignol
Ski Model: 03/04 Bandit B2
Ski Length: 170cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Spring corn, heavy and light crud, groomers, bumps
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 10
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 10
Other Skis You Like: Rossi Bandit X, Rossi Bandit XX, Atomic R:EX, Atomic Betaride 9.22
Your Height/Weight: 5'7" 150#
Comments: Skied it at Vail on the frontside and Back Bowls. Skied 170cm XX and then B2 back to back. They are very different feeling skis. B2 is a much smoother, damper feeling ski. XX is lighter and more agile feeling. For me the B2 needed a bit more speed and steering to initiate a turn but when on edge, carves very well and is very stable even in heavy crud. Did not get to ski powder. Less forgiving than the XX especially in short turns. Likes medium to long radius turns much more than short. Not as quick as the XX. Not bad in bumps but not as good as XX. Overall, the more I skied the B2 the more I liked it but I prefer the XX for it's lighter, quicker feel. The XX matches my skiing personality better.
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hi guys im a newbee to the site so take it easy on my jk.

well ive been reading your posts and i must say its refreshing to hear some solid reviews from what sound to be like solid skibums. in the market for a new pair of currently skiing on a pair of 4 yr old k2 merlin 6 size 188(yea they sold me on that stupid computer chip gimmik) and they were my first pair of shaped skis...i love them to death and have skied them in everything and anything (i just came back from Fernie in BC) and skied them in everything from 3 feet of untouched to ice...regardless im looking for a set of new all mtn high performance expert skis. im going out to jackson hole for a year and need a backcountry performer but at the same time im from the east coast and need a ski that will preform here when i return.

im hearing very very good things about the bandit xx and the rpm 21, and more recently about the B2s (which i've been sweating over) I need to go shorter first of all as im only 5'11 and about 165-170 (depending on how much water i drink and cloths i wear) You guys seem to know whats going on in the ski world and im sick of here ski salesmen (blah blah blah)

thanks for your help.
skibum in distress

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If you are partial to K2's you might try to locate a pair of Axial XP's in 176 or I like the B2 in 176. Both good for versatile mid fats. There's lots of year end close outs out there now so demo some first and try different lengths if you can.
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