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Attitash info?

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Heading to Attitash NH tomorrow for a few days with the family. Staying at mountain.

Leaving my skis at home. Anyone know a place to rent skis nearby for a 3-day rental?

Also, how far is the nearest supermarket from the mountain? Don't want to eat out every night...

Any advice appreciated!
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Attitash is in the town of Bartlett and Bartlett is a "blink and you've missed it' town.  You might not even have to blink to miss it.


Your best options for ski rentals is going to be down the road a bit in North Conway.  Attitash is on Rt. 302; head east a few miles and you'll pick up Rt. 16 south, which will take you right into North Conway.  The only one I have experience with is these guys:


As for grocery stores...  There are some convenience store type places in Glen (where Rt. 302 and Rt. 16 meet up).  They will at least sell the basics.  For a full service grocery store, you'll probably have to head into North Conway again.

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Nearest market of any size is prob is No Conway. Not too far...15 min maybe.

There is also a rental shop on the way into conway or on the way back towards the mountain. Don't recal the name but as you leave conway heading back to attitash its just as you start to head out of the area on the right. Google maps should help...
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Thanks! All useful info.
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