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  I know alot of big corporate ski areas get bashed a bit on here but i wanted to share a quick story that well showed me that some actually care, i skied pcmr at the end of Feb, i bought a few gifts etc and i get home and i noticed something on the back of my shirt was missing do u see it?

 Yes they spelled a word wrong that actually matters lol.. In anycase going forward i just thought i would post this on their facebook page and not to be so much a dick but say hey one slipped thru the cracks and you have probably hundreds of shirts that are missing a letter on your shelves.. THey got back to me and apologized and asked me for my name and address and today mr Fedex just showed up and had the same shirt with the correct spelling, a nice hat, cup holders, stickers, trail map mousepad, trailmap cloth goggle lens cleaner. They didnt have to do that they certainly  could have acted like other big name resorts and not cared but they did do something about it they made it right and sent a few extras and now will have  a customer in the future.