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New skis, BAD mounting job

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Just got brand new custom skis for my kids to share!! Told the ski shop to mount them to fit a boot NO larger than a 24.0 ( so my other daughters boot will fit into the binding as well, she is smaller).  Got the ski back totatly messed up. It only fits the 24.0 boot and can get much larger from there.  Needless to say I am pretty ticked (this is not the first time this shop has missed the mark).  How should I approach this?  Will a re-mount ruin the skis?   I want to ask for my money back for the mount and bindings. Thanks for any advice before I go in there.

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This issue comes up all the time.  Bad mount, how to handle it......


Handle it the same way you would handle any product or service that was not as expected or ordered.  Let the manager know, and ask him to fix it.


They can move the heel forward with no damage to the ski at all.  It might slightly reduce the re-sale value.  You might request/they might offer something for the reduced value of the ski. Really, it's not that big a deal.


If they have a habit of messing up your gear, maybe you should use a different shop

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Being a shop technician, I am asked this question numerous times. what I ask of the customer "what size is the smaller boot?" reason I ask is the templates we use for whatever binding manufacturer, fits to the boot size, but if I am mounting, figuring on using two different size boots, I have to take in consideration the center of the ski to the center of the boot and split between the two sizes. The biggest problem? is not being able to mount, or doing incorrectly? is a "retail" binding or fixed binding can only open or close to a certain size. If you are looking to get the most out of the binding, knowing numerous children, or people are using them, is look into a demo binding, one that can fit up to four or five sizes and down size as well. There are children demo as well as adult bindings. But in reference to retail bindings? its very hard to mount to two different boots without having both boots in the shop. If you bring them both boots, they can try to work with those, practice on a trash ski or practice ski to see if it will work first before mounting. There are many ways to fund out if its going to work prior to drilling a customers skis.

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Odds are by next season the younger daughter will need bigger boots. I would not have them remounted, Especially if they are junior skis.

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