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Head AT Ski for '14?

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Check out this Head ski and binding presented by Hermann Maier.

Anyone know anything about it?







Images taken from the video which is in German.


ISPO 2013



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yeah, it's a lighter weight ski with the new lighter weight DIN13 touring binding... for touring. Backcountry, so hot right now.

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How do you like those bindings? Do you carry them at Skiershop?

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Hi Tog, sorry for the somewhat snide/glib response before, but I have the catalog in front of me now so I can give a real answer.


For '14 head is introducing a 3 ski line of, what they call, "all country" skis... basically touring skis. 

They are:

Prostellar 98 137/98/123 comes in 156/163/170/177/184

Galactic 84    134/84/116  comes in 149/156/163/170/177/184

Nebula 78     131/78/113 comes in 142/149/156/163/170/177


They all feature Era 3.0 camber/rocker, sandwich cap construction and a waxable 'nanotech' topsheet to prevent snow build-up.


The new binding is called AAAmbition, it's DIN to 12 lighter touring binding (think Marker TourF12) with one feature I love- they don't come in multiple sizes, the chasis is telescopic to adjust size range with one binding.


Hope this reply answers your question.

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Will they even be selling these in the States? Pretty big move if so.

Interesting how Hermann Maier skied for Atomic all those years and is now with Head. They seem to be getting lots of people right now.

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although late to the party they are also coming out with a new boot to compete with the lange xt boot.
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And better yet, there will be an 'RX' version of the raptor RS 130 without the whole sole sawn away like the Langes

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What do you mean "sawn away"? that because the Hermanator is invovled?

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Originally Posted by Tog View Post

What do you mean "sawn away"? that because the Hermanator is invovled?


Look at the lug of the RS vs the RX Langes. The RS lug will offer more lateral stiffness.  


Hermanator? I know who he is and all of course, but I'm not getting the reference. 

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