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Fat Skis are for Real

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Finally got a chance to thouroughly ski my new Volkl G4s. These skis are awesome. I imagine all the new mid fat skis are excellent.

When I bought them I thought they would be great for powder and crud and thats it. What a pleasant surprise. I'm going to have to sell my G30s. These skis rock on everything from deep to groomed, steeps to bumps and are controllable on ice.

I've skied on them for the last three weeks at Whistler. Anyone up there knows we've had every condtion imagineable in the last few weeks from deep light powder to slush and ice. There was no situation they didn't handle. And no I don't work for Volkl.
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congrats on the skis! i too am in whistler and bought a pair of g4's at the beginning of the season. they've been awesome, and i've been skiing like a superhero because of it. at times i've wished they were softer and more maneuverable for trees and bumps, but that's what i've kept my volant powerkarves for, and i would easily trade that softness for the unbeatable stability through crud and at high speeds. enjoy the season!
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What size did you buy, what level skier are you, height, and weight.

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My ski buddies are aful skeptical of my G4's but frankly I love them.they can do it all. I was going to use them for a season and them sell them but now I cant ever imagine getting rid of them, I maybe 75 years old and still riding these skis. Thanks to Volkl for giving me true happiness!

p.s. For the record I am 5'11 145 and I ski on a 188
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