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Demo Ski Sequence

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Going to be hitting Heavenly for a day trip and I'm going to demo 3 skis:


1.  Blizzard Bushwhacker - 180

2.  Blizzard Bonafide - 180

3.  Armada TST - 178 (would like to try the 183 but this is what they have)


Given that conditions will most likely be frozen/groomed in the morning and getting softer/slushier throughout the day, what are your thought on which sequence I should demo these 3?

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UPDATE:  it looks like there may be some snow coming in a couple of days before my demo day.


My original thought was to start with the Buswhackers in the morning and proceed up through wider skis throughout the day.  I've never skied anything wider than 84 before.  So I was thinking this progression would provide a good sense of how the different widths ski.  Also, since I was thinking the conditions in the morning would be harder, the Bushwhackers would be better in the hard conditions.


However, now, with the possibility of fresh snow, becoming Sierra cement later in the day, I was wondering if I should re-think my demo sequence.

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