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Modern Powder Shapes/Profiles for kids (and kid sized adults)

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Let's have a thread on this. What is out there? There are a lot of skis that are merely badge engineered (hey, let's take that old ski and call it an S7, Bentchetler, whatever without changing a thing), but there are some skis now with modern shapes and or camber profiles.


I've had my 10 year-old on Volkl Gotamas for the last 3 years as those were the first ones that we came across. The Goats are pretty analogous to their parents - full reverse camber (low rise), with traditional shape, 80mm waist. Volkl now offers teh Shiro in smaller sizes too 100mm waist, shape and profile looks the same as the adult ski.


With my daughter having outgrown her 2nd pair of Goats, we've been on the lookout for something new. Armadas Tantrum was a contender. Basically, it is a kid's TST. Nice shape and camber profile, but seemed a bit wide for her only non race-ski. 




Yesterday we got her out on a demo pair of Volkl Kenjas in a 149. The line between kid ski and adult ski can blur, so we gave em a try. She actually really liked the ski, but we wanted something with more than just marketing rocker, and with the metal, it was more of a "charger" than a slithery tree ski. So we went shopping around town, and Mr. Whiteroom steered us toward a Faction Agent 90W which also happens to be available in a 149.




What other skis live in this category, and why don't more manufacturers take this seriously? No Flipcore kid's skis? WTF? How many of those would they sell?

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My 10 year old was starting to look a bit big for her K2 Juvys last year, so I had a look around for a replacement and came across a very attractive deal on Moment's Kietzke (kids' ski, geddit?). I couldn't find any info on it anywhere but it seemed like such a good price that I decided to just take a punt on it anyway. I think it's a scaled down version of their mustache rockered adult line and is fairly substantial with a wood core. But it's really still too long for her at 146cm (her Juvy is 129cm) and much wider (around 101mm waist vs the Juvy's 80mm) so she's still only had one proper day on it, in boot deep powder. She loved that she could turn and not get bogged down in the snow, but she was very backseat and was tired out by early afternoon. Next time she used it, conditions were much firmer and she had a really hard time on it, so swapped it for her old skis. I suspect it may not get much use for another year or so (and I'll probably have to find something else in the interim), until she has grown taller and heavier, and has learnt to keep her weight forward -- save for the odd powder day. Once she's properly worked out how to ski it, I imagine it'll be a ripper. But I don't know if it was a great success for Moment as it's not on their website anymore.
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Moment Kietzke = " twin rocker" (zero camber underfoot with early rise rocker on tip and tail) according to blurb on a retailer's website. Aspen/pine core. Made in 130, 146 and 158cm lengths.
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My kids have been happy with the Bad Seed as an all around ski.  They prefer (obviously) something skinnier on nothing but hardpack, but claim they lose little with the K2 and seem to carve on them OK.  Next year, since they don't race, I'll just have them ski on the Bad Seeds. 

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I have one on the Moment Kid Carson (and his name is Carson smile.gif) and the older brother on the Head Peak 74 (which actually has more surface area than the Kid Carson which is 80 underfoot).


Powder performance on both skis is adequate for my sons' needs.

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Here's the Faction in action.


tip splay


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I wish these were availeble about 4 years ago, SALOMON Rocker 2 designed for kids..http://www.youtube.com/embed/LwG9rVvXf-M?list=UUCCg2M-wz6pSp-_iwpX55jg

It does not give the availeble sizes , but they look in the low 150cm's


Also the LINE Sfb shorty would be an option.


In the end though, they make good use of the ski they're on regardless, and still have a smile on their face when they get back to the lift..

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For an Indy option, Praxis makes a junior model that comes in quite short lengths I believe.  The majors have stepped into the sector also.


Moment has so many issues with flex, I don't see how they could make a junior ski. same applies to others.

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Some of this may not apply exactly to your daughter, but seems to apply to the general theme.


Several good mentions above.


We have a Praxis Petite at 163 in the house and it is a phenomenal ski (also available in 143 and 153). Several guests ranging from truly petite to pretty average - and from never ever to reasonably experienced - have skied it. It shows a shocking range of versatility with no build compromise due to it being a small person's ski. If I still had small kids, this would probably be my pick and I'd buy an armful of them - for use as fully powder capable OSQs for where I live.


The Salomon Rockette (90 or 115) in shorter lengths could work for lots of kids. Though the 115 is obviously skewed more toward full on powder when on the feet of a really small person (and can make for a fine all-arounder too under the right circumstances). I'm pretty sure the waists scale down quite a bit in the small sizes.


I would not overlook the smaller members of the S7 family. Again, waists scale down.


I honestly would not hesitate to put kids on skis 100 wide like the Praxis or the Armada or similar. The kids scope them out very quickly. And outside of true hardpack, they demonstrate the true versatility of that design space.


Also, since you emphasize "powder skis", there are some models that are a bit bigger that could be appropriate for the bigger or stronger end of "kids" in deep snow. Praxis has several models like the 163 Protest and  170 Powders that move more into the true deeper day orientation. There's a short MVP at 163 in there too - but I'm not sure where I'd slot that. I suspect some other manufacturers have analogous skis as well. Obviously these are gonna be more quiver skis - and would be less all-around appropriate, especially for smaller people. But, under the right circumstances,  I'd look these over as well for strong skiing kids.

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Le Petite looks pretty nice.

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Anybody seen or handled next year's Blizzard Cochise Jr. (97 waist according to the specs I saw) or Nordica Capo S? I wonder if they have the same shapes and rocker profiles as their big brothers. Any other good new stuff.

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Well, as I noted in my Praxis thread, Keith has introduced a set of shorter (and slightly narrower) GPOs - http://www.praxisskis.com/products/2015-gpo.html Since there effectively no price penalty for customizing flex during the current presale, you can make 'em as mellow or serious as desired... Not strictly a powder ski by my reckoning, but it does super well in powder. And is in the size/shape range that many consider to be a powder ski...
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