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Low volume, high performance boots with very little forward lean?

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Can anyone recommend boots that fit these requirements? Pardon my in advance for extreme boot nerding.


I have a narrow foot, with a low instep and they are pretty low volume overall. Currently I am in Size 27 Full Tilts (First Chair) with the stiffest tongue. Overall, they work OK. I am in the smallest shell size I can fit in length-wise for that boot. I have an Intuition powerwrap liner with some strategically placed foam and a thick custom footbed to lock me in there. I have the boot modified for the most upright stance possible and my alpine bindings shimmed to be flat with no ramp angle. (Over the years, I have found this to work extremely well for me.) I use a booster strap under the tongue of the boot and foam on the tongue of the liner for an even more upright feel. The stance/forward lean on the boot is great and they fit pretty well, but that is only due to the super thick liner which is slowly packing out after years of use. Even with the stiff tongue and powerwrap, the boots were a little too soft (especially in springtime) so I riveted the two shell pieces together in the back. It stiffened the boot nicely, but makes the flex pretty weird and causes the sides of the shell to bow and and let tons of slush and water in during spring skiing. Not an ideal solution. Overall, it's just not a super high performance boot, the buckles are always breaking, and I feel like a tighter fitting shell would make more sense.


I'm doing all sorts of resort skiing in Western WA. Powder, crud, steeps, bumps, carving groomers, hardpack, the whole nine yards. It's variable and the snow can be heavy.


I've tried a Salomon X3 130 in a 26.5. With a slight toe punch, the shell fit to my foot is very good. I would likely soften it slightly. However, even with a heel shim and spinning the cuff cants around, it just feels like too much forward lean still both on the tongue and rear cuff. (Admittedly, my requirements are pretty extreme in this regard.) I tried the Lange RX130 LV once and wasn't impressed, but perhaps it deserves a second look. Are there any other boots that come to mind that are very narrow and low volume with a low instep, pretty stiff, and have a very upright stance?

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i am guessing that the Lange just felt like too much volume? the X3 has a massive amount of forward lean, definitely doesn't fill your 1st criteria 


look at some of the 95mm/93mm race shells probably the most upright would be the rossignol/lange 93mm shell last and available in various flexes form about 110 up  best thing is to find a boot fitter who has experience in working with race shells, many don't and simply don't have a clue when it comes to grinding a shell rather than just stretching the living lumps out of it

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I go to an extremely experienced bootfitter, but he does not work at a ski shop so I sort of have to go test the waters myself in terms of trying out shells. I will try some more of the Rossi/Lange boots. The size 27 Lange RX 130 LV felt slightly too short for my foot but too much volume otherwise. Perhaps a smaller shell size and toe punch is the ticket or an narrower lasted shell.

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