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Carry or Rent

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Planning my first trip out to Breckenridge in over 10 yrs... ouch.

I'm an intermediate + East coast skier (you know, hardpack & ice) who skis on K2 Chargers 174cm with Atomic LF 120 boots.

Are these the right ski to use there or should i rent when i get there?



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At the least bring your boots. Skis? With the cost of checking them in, I would demo a new set that will suit the conditions of the day. By all means bring your boots. Rental boots are crap. 

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depending on the airline skis can usually be carried for the usual cost of a piece of luggage, often with boots as well. Usually you can pack a lot of stuff in with the skis but not with the boots.  (I carry on the boots.).  I can get two pairs of skis and all my clothes and ski gear, including helmet, into one double ski bag, one carry on piece, and one small carryon back pack.  Of course I was wearing the same clothes every day. OTOH carrying that stuff through an airport is not fun--should have gotten a wheeled ski bag. And if were like the OP and only had east coast skis I would probably rent.

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I take my all-mountain skis on trips out west.  Have generally used them about half the ski days.  I'm willing to pay for mid-fat or fat demo skis if I'm lucky enough to catch a good storm.  The first few trips out west I didn't take skis and paid for demo skis for the entire week.  I switched out daily.


I bought a Sportube for plane travel.


Click on Travel Tips under Tags (right column near the top) to see relevant threads about flying with skis and/or boots.

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Take boots and helmet for sure but I like to rent demos and try out new stuff when I travel.  You may just find a ski that works way better for you than your current ones.  That is how I ended up on my K2s.

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Like everyone else said, carry your boots with you.


The K2 Charger is 74mm underfoot; K2 calls it 'all mountain', but that ski's going to be happier on groomed trails than off piste and may be a handful in deep snow (if you luck out and get a dump while you're there).  If there's a big storm while you're there, or you plan on trying to do lots of off-piste skiing, you may be better off demoing something wider.


Demoing skis will probably cost you ~$30 a day for a multi-day trip, maybe a bit more if you do it right at the mountain.  So you can weigh that against the hassle of lugging your skis through an airport and across the country.

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