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Ski Make: Atomic
Ski Model: R:9
Ski Length: 160cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Power/Packed Powder
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: Racer/9-10
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 9
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 50+
Your Height/Weight: 5'7" 150lbs

Comments: My team mate and i were really bored yesterday and it was snowing pretty hard at Kissing Bridge and we were sick of our GS skis sinking in the soft snow, so we decided to take advantage of the demo day that was going on. We each grabbed a pair of R:9's in very short lengths just to see what they were capable of. He had a 170 and i had the 160 (he out weighs me by about 50 pounds). We first noticed how soft the ski was while they adjusted the bindings to fit our boots... they are really really soft, but the tip is the softest part of the ski, with the tail being a little stiffer. They are also rediculously light weight.

Our first run we decided to take them out and carve with them. They did surprisingly well in SL turns but that was probably because of the short length. They were also relatively stable in medium GS turns. they dont like to go terribly fast though. Id say that 25mph is about the max these skis should be traveling if youre on a small length. The main problem i found when carving was the soft tip. It seemed to bog down in the middle of the turn because it was so soft. It would actually slow you down quite a bit, and make it difficult to maintain your speed on groomers.

We also took a run in about 1 foot of fresh light powder. The 160 length sinks like a rock, but it did pop out once in awhile because the soft tip pulled you to the top. My guess is that it would be good in a 170 or 180 for me, but i didnt have time to try those lengths. It didnt feel like it was as much ski as my Salomon Xscreams.

Overall i think this is a good ski. It had decent edgehold for a midfat (where we were able to find hard snow), and it didnt mind arcing turns. It doesnt like to be pushed though. I think it would make an excellent ski for someone who doesnt spend a lot of time on the snow but is interested in advancing their ability. It was very easy to ski on. We didnt originally think that it would perform as well as it did, so we were slightly surprised at that. It's deffinitly not for the athletic skier at all. Women should deffinitly consider this ski. It has a nice soft flex and skis pretty easy. I would deffinitly recommend it for the female skier. The bottom line is that it wont blow your socks off with the performance, but it will do just about anything you need it to if you are an intermediate to advanced skier that is looking to learn on a ski and not get beat up by it. It's just a fun easy ski.