Bus between Big Sky & Bozeman

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The bus from Bozeman to Big Sky is no longer free, but it's really close to cheap!  You can buy 5 or more passes for $3 each (the locations for buying bus passes is in the link below), or you can pay $5 to the driver when you get on the bus, but you need exact change.  The $3/$5 covers a round trip, so you don't have to pay anything or give up any passes to get from Big Sky to Bozeman, just one pass or $5 to get from Bozeman to Big Sky.  Here's a link to the bus' website, and you're interested in riding the Link, winter schedule:  www.skylinebus.com

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Thanks for providing this information! 

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Hey there girlboarder247!  Are you going to meet up with the DCSki folks headed to MT?