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Thought I had already reviewed this ski, but had not, so here ya go:

Ski Make: Dynastar
Ski Model: SkiCross 66 '02
Ski Length: 178cm

Snow Conditions Used In: Everything, I bought it for a hardpack ski, but it has become the Swiss Army knife of my quiver.

Number of Days Used: 15 give or take

Your Ability: Pretty good

How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 22

Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 60

Other Skis You Like: Volkl Explosive, Volkl G4, Salomon 1080, and a few others...

Your Height/Weight: 5'11"

Comments: Alright, I was initially thinking about picking up a pair of Salomon CrossMax 10's until I picked up a pair of them in a store and felt them to be a tad soft. So I moved over to the next skier cross ski I could find. Came across the Dynas and thought they were stiff, but liked the flex pattern. So I bought a pair and was not sure what to think. I love this ski, I ski it more than any other ski in my quiver, and for good reason, it's versital! This ski can go from groomers to hardpack to bumps to powder to crud to chutes to ice without missing a beat. I still have not found its upper speed limit and I tend to ski pretty fast. This ski handles like a GS ski, but is more versital. I can ski it lazy, just roll edge to edge, or I can let it really ride and hang on. This ski can pull G's no problem! I would recomend it to anybody who needs a one ski quiver who is an intermediate all the way through expert.